You Will be Surprised, This Tiny House is SPACIOUS

November 14, 2021 john 20 108247 12:14

This extra tiny house on wheels is a creative use of space, explore simple living in this tiny house walkthrough to get 20% off your bottle of ‘Magnesium Breakthrough’ and start sleeping better. Thanks to BiOptimizers for sponsoring this episode! Business inquires or music submissions: Music: Epidemic Sound Affiliate link: Breezing Through…

Tiny House w/FAB Catio & Deck! Couple marries & downsizes mid pandemic

October 22, 2021 john 20 58785 29:24

Get your tiny home featured! Sign-up: ✨Need downsizing help? See our e-Course: 🏡✨Meet Jacob & Michael, newlyweds living in a lovely 26 ft tiny house in a tiny home community in Texas. With 3 cats! Moving in together and downsizing during the pandemic worked out beautifully, thanks to the flexibility of their tiny…

2 Story Family TINY HOUSE TOUR! | Mod Cabin Tiny Home!

July 2, 2021 john 23 67478 08:38

Today we take a tour of a 2 story tiny house by Mod Cabins! Last week, we toured their smaller tiny homes and this week we go through their 2 story, very spacious yet still tiny, cabin. Levi Kelly P.O. Box 389 Chillicothe, OH, 45601 Follow me! Gear I use! – (As an Amazon…

Tiny House w/ Private Bedroom | HGTV Tiny Home Tour!

February 12, 2021 john 25 34990 09:34

Check out this article about the host behind this Airbnb! Levi Kelly P.O. Box 389 Chillicothe, OH, 45601 Follow me! – Alabaster – Save 10% using code “LEVIKELLY” BECOME A HOST – As an Airbnb partner, I earn when you create a listing and Host on Airbnb AIRBNB – SAVE…

Tiny House That Sleeps 5! Airbnb Tiny Home Tour Hawaii!

January 8, 2021 john 26 51683 10:18

For your chance to win the Airstream Atlas + $20,000 and support a great cause, enter at NEW MERCH! Check it out here! – I really enjoyed this tiny house. The genius idea to have a hidden ladder for the additional loft area is amazing. This tiny house can sleep anywhere from 1-5…

College Students Builds DIY TINY HOUSE by hand

June 14, 2020 john 20 32860 10:15

Business inquires or music submissions: Music: Epidemic Sound Affiliate link: A Certain Shade of Blue – Paper Twins Dunlin – Dust Follows Excelsior – River Foxcroft Breathing Secret – Amarante 🙂 Filmed by Edited by

Super Pool House Shed as a Tiny House? This one is pretty awesome!

May 26, 2020 john 38 2434 05:38

I’ve seen A LOT of sheds, and I’ve built quite a few of them as well, and this one is pretty awesome- AND easily has the potential to be converted into a tiny house, or a getaway cabin in the woods- even a small beach cabin? Check out the space, the layout, and the outdoor…

5 Unique Tiny Houses! Clever Design Ideas for Small Spaces

May 8, 2020 john 27 15943 15:45

We share captivating & clever tiny house design ideas from 5 completely unique tiny homes. Ranging in size, 140 to 248 sqft, AND in cost, from under $20,000 to $40,000. In our tiny house travels across North America, we’ve connected with hundreds of tiny dwellers. Seeing how they each tailor their small space around their…

Sleek Modern Modular Tiny House Inspired by Converted Dumpster

November 10, 2019 john 23 14993 07:17

Described as the “iPhone” and “Tesla” of tiny houses, the Kasita modular tiny house is sleek, modern. It’s the epitome of minimalism. Believe it or not, it was inspired by a dumpster that was converted into a tiny home. From that experience, original Kasita co-founder, Jeff Wilson dreamed up the high-quality, minimalist design. He’s better…

Vintage Boler Micro Camper- Should I buy it? (Tiny House Conversion?)

July 24, 2019 john 20 1961 04:55

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen, checks out a vintage Boler camper (aka “The Egg”) and contemplates whether or not he should buy it as a restoration or tiny house conversion project. Boler campers were based and built out of Canada (and Wichita/US) and are highly collectible to some (and look much like “The Scamp” campers/Rvs). This one…