Magical Adult-Sized Tree House That Looks Like a Hobbit Hole

May 29, 2020 john 20 22627 10:17

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Scott built a magical, adult-sized tree house in his backyard using mostly reclaimed materials and spare wood. Instead of drilling into the tree, he built around it, using it as a centerpiece for the interior design. This project was a true labor of love, and every item sourced in this 400 square foot…

AMAZING Hobbit-like TREE HOUSE RENTAL from SunRay Kelley

August 16, 2017 john 18 2436 02:55

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen shows us a glimpse of a tree house he built and designed alongside a hands-on workshop in Monroe, Washington, AND gives us a look at a NEW tree house for rent available right next to it as part of the Mountain Views BnB.