Ex-Ambulance Converted Into Beautiful Off-Grid Camper

December 15, 2016 john 15 8111 12:54

If you think van life might be for you, then this is an incredible camper van conversion that you need to see! This couple has done a remarkable job in turning an ex-ambulance into a stunning home on wheels. Read more: http://www.livingbiginatinyhouse.com/ex-ambulance-camper/ ‘Living Big in a Tiny House’ © 2016 Zyia Pictures Ltd

One-Story Tiny House Safer for Seniors or Disabled

November 19, 2016 john 16 3697 11:20

One concern about tiny houses is that there is a heavy dependence on those sleeping and storage lofts. What if it is hard for you to get up stairs? For whatever reason some people really need a single floor with lots of in-wall storage. These are what we came up with as a great solutions!…

Kathleen & Greg Talk Tiny Houses Tiny footprint

October 23, 2016 john 16 2934 13:01

Here we speak with the hosts of the Tiny House Tiny Footprint, Vanlife gathering over the summer in Idaho Springs, Colorado and talk Moab, Tiny living and Kathleens’ upcoming book. Thanks for supporting this site by using this link to Amazon. We’ll make a small percentage on your purchase and it won’t cost you anything,…