Scandinavian-Style Tiny Home In The Tasmanian Wilderness

March 29, 2024 john 19 101080 19:17

This weeks episode takes us to the spectacular wilderness of Tasmania where we visit a stunning, Scandinavian-style, off-the-grid tiny home on wheels. Here, Anna has built her dream home. Originally from Sweden, her tiny home is filled with beautiful elements of Scandinavian design which help to make the home feel snug and cosy. The single…

At 22, buys & customizes lofted home in Pocket Neighborhood on a budget

March 24, 2024 john 22 310342 18:33

Christian Curry was the first of his friends to buy a home. At just 22, he bought a 600-square-foot starter home within biking distance of downtown Tempe (Arizona). His is one of 13 “humble homes” that make up Tempe Micro Estates, developed to help address the lack of affordable housing in this college town. Priced…

Builds Quonset bunkers for a living. Lives in Dome Home in the woods

March 10, 2024 john 18 125561 20:10

David builds underground Quonset huts, so when he saw a rundown Monolithic Dome for sale, he bought it and began rebuilding it into a custom home for himself. Built from steel-reinforced concrete with polyurethane foam insulation, the framework is disaster-proof and highly insulated (R-80). Built to be entirely off-grid, with solar panels, batteries, and a…

How She Transformed a Tiny Space into a Dream Home

March 2, 2024 john 19 156589 12:22

Interested In Being Featured On The Channel? VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Welcome to Meg’s Tiny House Tour! Join Meg as she takes you through her unique and cozy tiny home that she fell in love with and bought a month after discovering it. This is not just any tiny house; it’s a space filled with warmth, character,…

Tiny Home Tour + Revealing Plans for the Stone Houses

February 18, 2024 john 21 91413 22:11

Giving a tour through my (unfinished but cozy) tiny home and telling you about the plans for the other 3 houses on my off-grid paradise! 🙈🛠️ This stone house will become my tiny home with everything you need in 17m2, except for a bathroom. I’m excited to finding smart ideas for making this a cozy…

Inside a Bright Minimalist Tiny House in the Woods

February 2, 2024 john 20 229822 08:02

Airbnb Link: 🏡 This Airbnb Tiny House stands out from its surroundings on a foggy winter day. It has a functional and spacious layout, and a fresh minimalist design, perfect for relaxing amid nature. It’s in a vast property surrounded by nature in Squamish, BC, Canada! Enjoy the tour!