Take a Video Tour of THE EVEREST TINY HOUSE in Illinois

Robert from gives us an in-depth interview of their Everest model. It’s 24′ long and sits on a heavy-duty trailer. This particular has some cool features like the jacks on the trailer and the built-in battery that’ll keep you living tiny even if the power goes out. means your buddies or family (or the kids!) will have a place to get a good night’s rest. You also have the of financing this tiny if you don’t have the cash front. I’m not a big fan of debt myself, but I also do see financing a tiny as a means to an end. Thanks for watching!


  1. Nice and bright, if you switch the frig doors opening from the other side
    would make more sense. also the bathroom sink door open to the wall of room
    would make more sense. An exhaust fan in bath would help also. You have a
    very nice product, so you don’t need to demean other companies. It does not
    make you look any better, take the high road and push YOUR ideas. How much
    is this unit and does this unit have black/grey/fresh water tanks also.
    Show how much room upstairs.

  2. hi nice home but i have one question you have the propane tanks right in
    front of the conditioner compressor which will be sucking air in from
    outside what happens if a propane leak the compressor wheel suck the
    propane fumes into the home not to safe I think . I have seen some home
    blowup from this maybe not a good place for the air conditioner compressor

  3. Did we see the lofts ? I wanted to see how he got down with only one ladder
    and it’s over the other side ! No, seriously, why can’t we see the lofts ?

  4. the cost is 54000.00 and they even offer 15 year financing. the price of
    these tiny homes has skyrocketed. seems like the more popular they become
    the more expensive they become. factor in the cost of land to park it on
    and you might as well by a regular sized home.

  5. Nice….except, the bathroom vanity door and the refrigerator doors are
    really backwards, and there is no regular drawer at the kitchen area.

  6. Oh, forgot to ask in my previous comment, in the video he said each loft
    accommodates up to a CalKing, but the specs say 1 bedroom and then late
    said one king sized, one twin loft, so I’m not sure which stat is correct.

  7. Clean design with smart use of the space, and a bathtub in the bathroom.
    (Although I’d have asked for a deeper, soaker style tub.) There’s a light,
    happy feeling to this house. I’m sure the owners are enjoying it very much.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I’d have liked to see the rear loft (the one with the ladder), and also how
    you access the front loft (the one over the bathroom).

  9. Details are important in a tiny house. Why would you choose a refrigerator
    that opens away from the kitchen and where you’d be working? How many other
    obvious poor choices are in your designs?

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