Tall School Bus Conversion w/ Roof Raise (only $26k)

Website: http://www.tinyhousegiantjourney.com

converted a into a gorgeous rolling home on a tight budget (under $30k). Their home features a wood stove, narrow shower & toilet area, roof top deck, expanding desk & entertainment area, an innovative couch design, and an outdoor basketball hoop (regulation height). They now live nomadically and are loving the tiny life!

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    • I’m 5’3″ so if I were living alone I wouldn’t, but if someone tall lived with me then I would definitely want to raise it.

    • I would definitely do a roof raise, if time wasn’t the issue. It allows you to make the aisle on the side & gives you more floor plans options. Makes the exterior look more like an RV than a bus, too.

  1. Lovely build. So homely and I love the L-shaped couch and home office arrangement. That swinging chair was way too low though and I would attach a fixed ladder to the side of the bus to access the deck rather than risk life and limb on the rope ladder.

  2. Beautiful bus. Their sink is huge! I often see people saying the same thing about the pee in the Nature… composting toilet. They’re free without mortgage. Nice couple.

  3. It’s beyond crazy to me that people are able to do compete, amazing bus conversions for $26k in America – in Australia if you want a decent ex-school bus (for example a 23 year old Mercedes that has just completed its life of an everyday school bus run/route and has no issues) your minimum starting price is $13k, for manual transmission and starting from $20k for automatic 🥺😳

    • I’ve seen a fair few decent busses (not school busses specifically but busses in general) around the $7-10k range which isn’t too bad, you just have to keep an eye out I think. It might be my area though

  4. I can’t wait to watch this a second time, maybe third, it’s such a good video. The folding tv desk is such a good idea, so useful. The ceilings are so well done, the curved arch is really nice, so carefully cut.

    The rope ladder is great, maybe there is a way to wedge a bar with 2 hooks across the bottom to hold bottom ends together when climbing, put it away after you come down.

    Was not expecting the hoop, nice thing to have. I don’t like tight places much but the bathroom looks pretty good, lol, the spy cut is funny. You can always put translucent film on it if it gets to be too weird, still plenty of light.

    And thanks, good old fashioned fun THOW build, I love it. Lol fun exterior paint job. 😁

  5. If not now, when? kinda the movement slogan. This is the perfect bus! Foldable Workspace, bike trunk, cooling, heating with wood, deep sink, lifted roof, this isnt insane enough, you can walk on up chillin, solar offgrid, you guys considered it to suit you perfect. I wish u the best times in your home!
    maybe the guests sleeps over the kitty restroom is lil minus 😉 regards from saxony

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