Television Show Interior Designer’s Own Colourful Tiny House

After working on various hit television shows as an interior designer, Kim together with her husband, film-maker Joey have had a chance to create their very own unique and beautiful home in the form of two tiny houses which have cleverly been joined together.

In this episode, we explore Kim’s creation, as she uses clever design techniques and loads of colour to bring her unique design to life. We get an interior designer’s perspective on and lots of tips and tricks for decorating a house to make it feel like a home.

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This tiny house is cleverly designed to maximise space, comfort and also to really bring a lot of character into the space, using a tremendous amount of colour and some really different design ideas. All those years of designing other people’s homes have accumulated in this wonderful family home.

Since going tiny, Kim and Joey have given birth daughter, Sunny and now even have a baby boy on the way. To follow this families adventures, you can check out their own YouTube channel where they document their adventures.

Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langston
Camera: Bryce Langston & Rasa Pescud
Editing: Rasa Pescud

Additional Footage and Photography by Joey Puterbaugh

’ © 2019 Zyia Pictures Ltd


  1. Hey tiny house team! So sorry we are late with this weeks video. We had a few technical issues with this one which held us back, but better late than never! So I hope you enjoy this weeks episode. Kim and Joey are such lovely folks and we really enjoyed meeting them and visiting their home. It’s always great to get an interior designer’s perspective on small space design and how to make it work. This home is especially colourful and filled with character. Thanks for watching! With love, Bryce & Rasa

  2. I have myself, and 3 children ages 13,16 and 18. And I always loved the idea of tiny homes. But having a family the age and size of mine, I never thought a typical tiny home, would work for us. But then I saw one of your shows where a family had 1 tiny home at first, then had 2 the second episode. I saw that, and ran with it. I thought of, and wrote up an idea where I would take 2 tiny homes, and put a small covered (screened in) porch/walkway in between them, and bringing them together. The one being mostly for the majority of living, and my daughter and myself, and the other being for my boys. Theirs wouldnt need all of the kitchen area, or a large living area, but could have them added later, when we either sold it, or decided to let one or both of the boys take them with them to college. And that way, the cost of room and board while at school, could be much less. And this is the closes that I have seen, to my idea.

  3. I would never drink rain water these days. Too many chemicals being sprayed. That couple is so cute! I would have loved to know how they take apart the two sections to move it?

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