The $3000 Buck Truck- Retired Man’s RV Tiny House Conversion

Meet Dale Betz- A retiree who found the tiny house circuit, caught the travel bug, and lives in his self- box truck tiny house conversion. This $3000 used truck soon became Dales tiny home on wheels with a little ingenuity, and a lot of second-hand bargain shopping (often at Habitat for Humanity stores). And while Dale’s inventive RV bathroom might not be for everyone, it is a means to and end- just don’t accept any beers from him! (you’ll see… 😉

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SHED/Cabin plans from the Jamaica Cottage Shop


    • Does it say that in the video, or the description? Lol- sorry man- I’ve edited so many videos in the last 8 days that my eyes aren’t working anymore…..

    • +relaxshacksDOTcom it’s in the description and being my video I took time to read it all and of course I had to take the opportunity to give you a hard time. Thanks again!

  1. We all gun for different things/approaches- what is your FAVORITE part of this conversion, and what would NOT work for you? Just curious….

  2. Ha ha ha, I may have been in an “eye spy” fabric exchange with his Mom a few years ago based on the fabrics I see in that quilt. 🙂

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