Take a look at our brand new . We are excited to enter the Tiny marketplace with this incredible product. The is available in , Oklahoma, New Mexico and Louisiana. Available in either 16 or 18 ft widths. For floor plans and additional information please call or text 325-480-2014, or email You can see more homes that are produced by Oakcreek at our website,


  1. I would reduce the size of the kitchen (where people don’t live),
    And add the space to the living room ( where people do live).


    • I guess it all depends on priorities and lifestyles. We ‘live’ in our kitchen and only use the living room space for about two hours a day. I need and want plenty of kitchen space. This one was decent enough although the whole house didn’t ring any bells with me.

  2. That’s a tiny home I could get used to. Most other tiny homes are just too small, but not this one. Love It…..

    • You are so right. Thank you for your comments. Please share. Would like to see this video go viral. Lol

  3. Very impressed, great user friendly layout, and appears to be very liveable for one person, possibly two.

  4. What an excellent one bedroom floorplan. The porch with a porch swing makes this perfect for a vacation home. The placement of the windows in the living area means there is room to hang some art on that big wall. I like that there is no wall-to-wall carpeting so cleaning the floors is easy. Having the sink in the kitchen island means you are not facing a blank wall when using that sink. And there is plenty of leg room on one side of that island so a couple of bar stools plus an adjustable height coffee table in front of the sofa would mean no need for a dining table. I would suspend a TV from the ceiling over the kitchen island. A queen size sleeper sofa in the living room could sleep two more people. I would prefer an adjustable height shower wand in the shower. All this park model home needs is a wood deck on the side for a gas grill, hot tub, big umbrella and some patio furniture.

    • @Modular and Manufactured home reviews Wow.. even more than that? This must be the reason you refuse to include the price.

    • @Paul Nubreu, come on Paul. Please don’t tell me that you truly think this home is priced higher than that?

    • @Modular and Manufactured home reviews You are completely missing the point. Do a better job with your videos, one such step is including the price unless of course, you are trying to hide it.

    • @Paul Nubreu I assure you I’m not trying to hide the pricing on any of the homes. Each home is usually priced with delivery and installation included. It’s reasonable that pricing for a destination 100 miles away is much different that one that is 800 miles away. To quote a price without proper information would be irresponsible. For customers who want to know pricing all that is needed is a simple email that says this is where I am located, what would ti cost? The base pricing on this home, as of 6/6/19, without delivery or installation is in the low 50’s. More specific pricing is available once we know location, any selected options, and time frame.

    • Thats why we have others. I have homes that range from 620 sqft up to 2350. What size do you want?

    • I was thinking to myself the whole time that they really just built a trailer house…..but it’s really nice….but it’s like a trailer, huh?

    • Base pricing on the home is in the low to mid 50’s. Final pricing depends on delivery location. I’d be pleased to give specific pricing for you if you’ll provide me with location to deliver to. You can email me at ~ thanks, Bill


  6. Nice. But woman like a walk in closet. And way to many windows. And don’t like the ceiling in the living Room where it goes up.

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