The Charme, a family friendly tiny house

We are thrilled to present our first family friendly : the Charme. This unit was designed for a young Ontario family and includes all of the amenities necessary for full-time use in the harshest climate. Indeed, with insulating values of R34 in the floor, R24 in the walls and R44 in the roof along with a change of air per hour of 1.12, this is designed to be very energy efficient. This model is distinguished in particular by its large accommodation capacity and its numerous storage spaces. Inspired by the Ébène and Magnolia, this model will convince many people who have preconceived ideas about the type of clientele that tiny homes are aimed at.

For pricing or more information on this house, clik on the Charme webpage:



  1. When I get ready to do this I want you guys to build my house because I live in Maine and I always worry about how most Tiny Homes would perform in winter but you guys get it.

  2. Pourriez vous mettre des sous-titres aussi pour les français ? On a pas les mêmes mesures -> 10.5ft X 38.5ft ca fait quoi en m et cm ? 😅

  3. This is a fabulous home. I love the openness and the staircases. You definitely have storage for so much. Great toe kick drawers.

  4. I love you guys designs.

    I also have to say subtitles with silky smooth french in the background is maybe better than the choppy English. but then we miss the outtake reel…

  5. Je suis donc ben nounoune, j’ai pas pensé 2 secondes que vous seriez au salon de l’habitat *facepalm* moi qui me disais kessé j’irais faire là, j’en ai une, maison… aaaaaa j’aurais pu la visiter en vrai! Innocente.
    Est super cool. Dla belle ouvrage, tout l’monde!!!! Y’a du rangement, c’est impressionnant!

  6. Talk way faster than I can keep up with or read that fast omg I didn’t get half of it It is built very well I can see that anyhow.

  7. Amazing design and a great sense of style! If it was for me, I’d have only one loft and add a small dining area where the stairs are now. Tried to follow the video in French as I speak it as a 3rd language but Canadian French is hard to understand for some reason 🤣

  8. I’ve watched this video 3 times! This is such a beautiful home. I think I’ve finally found the tiny home that’s just right for me. How much is this please?

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