The Cost of Tiny House Living

What does it cost to live tiny?

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  1. Good friend in NC found 14 acres to buy to live on in a recently purchased 34 ft RV to park it on but was told no way by the county, they were not allowed to hook up to water, sewer etc

  2. YIKES! That is a very high heating bill! This video gives us a lot to think about. It isn’t the entry cost for tiny living, the utility details makes a difference, especially the heating cost. My ex’s place in Wisconsin is 2500sqft and barely costs $300mo in January. Am going to heat an RV garage that I build with a double-barrel type wood stove with a blower, which makes it a small furnace. No electricity yet, but will have it next winter. Hope to keep my utilities lower than yours once get the permanent garage built. Going to use some solar, to help keep electric costa down. Generator gas is getting expensive.

    • That’s why we are glad to use our wood stove! When we use it, our total electricity runs an average of $50 or less per month year round.

    • +Tinyhouse Prepper, what sucks is that it will cost about $6000-6500 to run electrical the 600ft or so from the road to where I want to build on my land. People need to factor that into the cost of getting a place on raw land.

  3. Is funny, can live in a camper inside a garage but not in a cabin shed. The zoning department logic is that the camper trailer was meant to be lived in, but the cabin shed is illegal to live in even though it is much more sturdy in a storm than an RV trailer! Insanity!

  4. Last comment for people thinking of this type of living is like you check zoning. If is legal to do so, build an RV garage with utility hookups. Garages are cheap to build, only need a placement permit in my county for a garage. Not sure how they would view having an RV dump inside a garage that leads to a septic.

  5. To off set you electricity usage expenses, have you considered getting a set (or 2) of portable solar panels. Check out “My Self Reliance”. That guy seems to have a setup that might be a backup system that might be workable and usable for you. Just a thought.

    • Electric heat and air conditioning both draw a lot of power. You have to have a huge solar array to run electric heat.

  6. My question is this: is it a hard stretch for you economically to move up to a “newer” MH? Now that you seem financially back on your feet, and understandably want to stay that way, I just wonder if life would be a little easier for you as you age if you had a place with new heat and water connections, a new roof, etc.? Do you see yourselves aging in place in your present tiny home or do you think you’ll take the cottage and head on down south?

    • We went through the numbers in this video of getting a newer place. That cannot be done without a mortgage. A mortgage would GREATLY decrease our quality and enjoyment of life. We’ve had mortgages on numerous houses in the past. NEVER AGAIN!

  7. Why don’t you contact the state insurance department through your state? Tell them your problem and see if they have any ideas how to procure insurance.

  8. We are in a 34 ft RV in a park in Texas. We paid 17,500 cash for a 2013 two years ago, and monthly to park it is 575.00 I do have insurance on it. We are saving money even though we are paying for storing our household stuff in storage too.

  9. I saw on DebraJoy’s channel that the cinder blocks under her Little Blue Cottage were crumbling and had to be replaced. They were replaced with a sort of jack, the same idea as the supports used when taking out a support wall.
    They are adjustable, allowing for settling. As long has you aren’t required to have pillars it might be something to consider when/if needed.
    Thanks for the rundown. I’m almost 62 and always thought I’d work till I die, but due to medical leaves few times over the past couple of years, plus an extended layoff that, thankfully only lasted 5 months, I’ve woken up to the fact that I may not be able to “work till I die” or could lose my job (auto industry), I need to plan for retirement (or emergency, like you had). I’m looking into property, with or without living quarters, and possible an RV/camper/mobile home. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO! If you have any more retirement/reduction of income information I’d be very interested.
    Thank you both, again.
    God bless!

    OH! Sweet Elizabeth! You look WONDERFUL! And you’re skin is just glowing! Love and hugz ❤

  10. I’ve been researching tiny houses and they are almost as much as regular size houses, we actually considered buying a big barn and converting to a home and doing the work ourselves. But we would need to find the land first. In the meantime we have 2 campers were fixing up, just as a back up, because nowadays there is no job security and u never know w the economy, could crash, etc…thanks for sharing this!

  11. Excellent video. I just put a down payment on land near the park where I have had my MH for 34 years.This is 1.5 acres of raw land.I have been researching the costs to develop the land and all your figures are on point.A bldg permit will be $100 and is good for 2 yrs. (Upstate New York) if I finally decide to live there. I tdo all cash as well.It’s nice when all is payed for and your monthly bills are low.I also had electric baseboard heat installed and new electric….I get so faint hearted spending $$…I have a pellet stove but I’m 69 on the 21st and lifting bags is hard,,I also plan to get a cubic mini for sustainable heating ‘just in case’….Very thorough information, loved it.

  12. I have looked for land in rural areas, and even there they say no manufactured home allowed. This is not hoa lands either. This I don’t get.

  13. Hi guys..nice to see you both. Funny thing…hubby and I were just talking about a Tiny House this evening…but there is no where locally you can find a place that you can put one. Where do you store the fire wood for winter? Great information…enjoyed the video. God Bless. 💕💖

    • We store the wood under the 4 foot roof overhang that I built on the shed roof. It’s on the back side of the shed, hidden from the road.

    • We’ll check it out. But many companies will insure mobile homes or travel trailers, but NOT a travel trailer set permanently on land, pretending to be a mobile home.

  14. Simple solution for your insurance issue… open a seperate savings account and put your insuance money in it. it will earn intrest. you do not need to give your money away for someone else to earn the intrest and keep it if you never need it. insurance is a ponzi scheme…. just saying.

    I paid $124. a month for full coverage on my blazer for 3 years it also included under insured motorists. that was 2,464 for 3 years. another $98. for 9 years. $127,008. for a total of $129,464.00
    there were police parked at the on ramp in all direction one night. we had no idea why. I found out shortly it was icy roads. I wreaked into the center bearer. I had my daughter and baby grand daughter with me We were the 12th car single car accident that night. My insure company said it was an act of god so they didn’t cover it. they had all that money and they wouldn’t even let me use it. The DOT has reader boards they could have redirected traffic or stopped traffic and warned us all that were traveling that way. but No one would listen.

    So create a separate account at the bank and provide yourself your own insurance. you 2 are both capable managing your own safety net.

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