The Dream of Living Tiny in Tennessee – 10’x30’ in Our Tiny Home “Forest” Community $89,900 🏡🌲


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  1. Sorry it’s called trailers on Wheels, and you can tell the difference between a actual house and a trailers on Wheels, just saying, some of them are cute, don’t get me wrong, they are nice😊

  2. What a wonderful couple in their wonderful tiny home!! Love how community just happens! We need more tours, please 😁

  3. This is a beautiful, spacious home. We love the size of it as well. Is this a Charleston? In addition, we live the two white kitchen pieces that the owners purchased on Amazon. The white shudders are an exquisite addition as well. How much does a home like thus cost now?

  4. That was like the best video I have ever seen how much fun did they have. And those folks are from Florida and that’s where we’re sitting too. I’m so happy for that couple that was really really nice. They decorated that place. Just perfect. everything had its place and it was a place for everything there. Thank you Amanda and Randy for sharing with those two folks. Real People enjoying retirement. Just cool!

  5. What about us Vets who have crappy credit, live on a fixed income but cant afford one of your beautiful homes? What about us ? can you guys help me in anyway

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