The Hickory Hobbit Tiny House- THE Coolest Bathtub! (and FOR SALE)

Whether its a cabin, glamping getaway, a tiny house on wheels, or a small you’re planning on designing, THIS has some ideas and approaches you might appreciate. I’ve seen so many tiny houses and spent the night dozens upon dozens of them in my travels, that it takes a lot to turn my head these days. Well, this one did just that. The clean lines, the natural finishes/look, and the killer nook and entrance (circular hobbit-like doors) really got me. If you’re a fan of scaled down Danish minimalism, the desert aesthetic, or a J.R.R Tolkien and The Lord Of The Rings geek, this one has a little bit for everyone (with a dash of Harry Potter for good measure too). This is one of our longer tiny house videos (perhaps our very longest), but the build is full of so many well thought cabin touches, that I feel its worth the journey and investment of time. Again, this house is for sale too!

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    • Could always add a oven box. Options to stick one on either the wood stove or on the cook top range are available, especially for making pizza…

  1. You said that long video of used to watching videos two to three hours long videos what a beautiful tiny home I wish I could afford it unfortunately I just got fired from my job due Corona not the virus the beer LOL just kidding I did get the virus 🦠🦠 I’m still trying to recover from it it’s terrible.

    • Maybe but there’s different types of egress windows, some open separately from the sliding window part. Basically, the whole window frame can open like a door on some… Or it’s the type that can be ejected to leave the opening clear and you just need a new window to reset… Or the egress is something else like a hatch or operable skylight…

      The window itself doesn’t always have to be able to open big enough for egress during normal everyday use…

  2. Very nice house like the metal behind the stove arty. Stoves are not as efficient as the should be especially when closed down. The solution is thermal mass storage. This is too heavy to haul around the solution is water as the storage medium. Dump it before you travel.

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