The Laurier, Luxurious Offthegrid tiny house on wheels

Hey! Hello! This is our 4th tour, and also the last of 2017, our first production year. It as been very fun to build the Sakura, Eucalyptus, Acacia and Laurier, 4 we are very very proud of!
This time, i did the impossible to edit a 15min video instead of 20min++ 🙂 . I dont talk about everything tho…almost everything! I will make another video just for the exterior…probably! Hope you guys Enjoy! If you need any more information, i wrote a full blogpost on it! Go check it out right there :

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  1. I love it. You should be proud of it :). I love how you are passionate about it. I love layout and how it feel spacious.
    I really like idea of table with mirror 🙂 And this desk in bedroom… 🙂

    You didn’t show us mezzanine 😉

  2. What a little beauty! The kitchen is sleek, spacious, & VERY attractive with it’s European cabinets and soft wood look counter tops. The mirror which converts to a desk/table is an unexpected great touch! The stairway is attractive (definitely appreciate the quality handrail) and, again, has a luxurious look of thoughtful design & solid quality materials & construction. The bathroom is surprising in its spaciousness, and I love the cozy little “nest” bedroom with that incredible glide-to-me, edge-to-edge, over-the-bed desk/table! That’s absolutely the spoil-me-rotten feature of the whole house. I might never get out of bed again, if I lived in this oh-so-pleasant little home! lol! Oh, yes, the loft is an attractive plus in this tiny house, for storage, guest room, reading nook, working on Holiday gifts (eh?), and/or child’s playroom/bedroom/homework & possible projects & crafts area. Thumbs up for The Laurier and it’s gentle tour Host (your English is charming!).

  3. I want the Sakura, with a sliding desk over the bed and THIS kitchen and sofa. My heart is sold on the Sakura; it’s the Sakura bedroom, its reading room, bathroom and rooftop which get to me.

    I still want the Sakura but with the “Laurier” kitchen, mirror/table and sliding desk in my bedroom ?

    I’ll contact you shortly. What’s your name?

  4. Gradient flooring is the absolute best.

    Just wondering if you could have used electric floor heating that could have used solar?

  5. Just when I thought the Sakura couldn’t be topped……the Laurier! AND this is your first year of production!?!?!? You guys are killing it when it comes to practical and beautiful housing with smart design. My favorite builders/designers!

  6. Love. ❤ Love. ❤ Love. ❤ I freakin ‘ love this tiny house! It’s gorgeous and very comfy looking. You guys just keep getting better!
    I’d love to know how much propane will be used during the winter months and how warm the floor will keep the house.
    That kitchen table is awesome and I love that little nook of a desk. It was very smart of you to make the access panels for The water heater next to the shower. And those deep shelves above the water heater, so necessary! The colours really make the place feel clean but cozy, something I still need to figure out with my tiny house. Also that bed spread is gorgeous, where did you get it from?

    Well done, such a beautiful house!

  7. JOKE: When you said: She will spend a lot of time in her bed… euh is she an escort. Again, it is a joke. Oh and cedar is pronounced si deur en son français. En tant que cuisiniste designer, euh la disposition des armoires et la balance du look demande à être revisés. La fenêtre de l’évier est pas assez haute. La cabine de douche peut avoir le même look avec du plastique stratifié ( Formica, Nevamar, etc. ). avec 2 couches de colle au latex Lepage sur le bois et aussi sur le stratifié, on peut aussi avoir des coins ronds en utilisant du plywood russe pour faire les courbes.L’éclairage est trop bleu, 4000k est suffisant et donne plus de chaleur à l’ensemble ( more comfy). La main courante de la rampe doit être installé du côté vide des marches pour protéger contre les chutes. Pour ne pas surcharger le look, il est bien d’utiliser du Lexan comme garde corps au lieu des traditionnels barreaux. Les rangements sous l’escalier devrait être sur coulisse pleine extension ce qui donnerait des rangements de 24 où 30 de profond avec un plein accès. Note: C’est la place idéal pour un garde-robe avec espace pour vêtements long ( robe longue, long manteau, etc. ). Le principe Pull-out donne un gain vraiment substantiel et un plein usage de la largeur des marches. Une table de cuisine peut aussi être installée sur le principe du pull-out sous les escaliers, ce qui donne une table de la largeur des marches et escamotable après usage ( voir les coulisses avec blocage chez Richelieu). I am presently designing MY tiny house 10x 34′ with an inside basement for storage ( all on rollers), wood stove with recirculating air, no freaking loft, a living room who morph into a bedroom with the wood stove view ( hummmm), a very functionnal kitchen with a slide out pantry, working on 12 volt, 120 volts, propane, generator an 10 agm batteries bank, black water tank 250 gals., grey water tank 250 gals., fresh water tank 100 gals., rain collection system ( no filter), no freaking solar panels ( the hack of the century), working only 6 hours on 24= 25% efficiency minus the cloudy days and the snow days plus it need to be cleaned during winter= value 0$. 2 100 pounds of propane plus 2 back up of 30 pounds, a place to clean the black tank with a vacuum truck, 2 inverters for safety, thief proof windows and doors, bluetooth lock for the doors ( 2), the bathroom can be use as a safe room ( 357 magnum resistant), full appliances, stack washer and propane dryer, a kitchen table with 4 seatings ( can be use as a desk), curved ceiling, 30″w x 24″h x 12 feet long storage on slide under the kitchen floor, bed on slides under the kitchen floor, full access to plumbering under the kitchen floor and bathroom floor, all plumbing inside and heated with the air recycling system, propane heating in bathroom, kitchen, living room 3 separated unit of 7,000 BTU each with thermostats, 3″ cedar ceiling ( tongue and groove) with ultra shinning finish, all wall finished with whitewash pine ( tongue and groove), batteries in a closed and separated space under the bathroom floor heated and access by the exterior only, same for the dual fuel ( propane and fuel) generator inverter, that rear space is fire proof ( all made of aluminum) and insulated with Roxul like the entire house, reflective aluminum barrier inside and outside ( warmth in and hot sun out during summertime). Hardwood studs not spruce, 5/8 plywood outside, 4″ of Roxul in the wall, no nail for the entire structure, only screws everywhere, metal curved roof ( no joints) and ventilation under. The list is a mile long.

  8. is there a tiny house out there so much better than this? Coz this is like the best I have ever seen? Can’t find a tiny house that matches this yet. If you have found tiny houses that are so better than this (even in your own opinion) please give me a link. Can’t get over this tiny house and have been watching this over and over again.

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