The Laurier, Luxurious Offthegrid tiny house on wheels

Hey! Hello! This is our 4th , and also the last of 2017, our first production year. It as been very fun to build the , Eucalyptus, Acacia and Laurier, 4 tiny house we are very very proud of!
This time, i did the impossible to edit a 15min video instead of 20min++ 🙂 . I dont talk about everything tho…almost everything! I will make another video just for the exterior…probably! Hope you guys Enjoy! If you need any more information, i wrote a blogpost on it! Go check it out right there :

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  1. I love it. You should be proud of it :). I love how you are passionate about it. I love layout and how it feel spacious.
    I really like idea of table with mirror 🙂 And this desk in bedroom… 🙂

    You didn’t show us mezzanine 😉

  2. What a little beauty! The kitchen is sleek, spacious, & VERY attractive with it’s European cabinets and soft wood look counter tops. The mirror which converts to a desk/table is an unexpected great touch! The stairway is attractive (definitely appreciate the quality handrail) and, again, has a luxurious look of thoughtful design & solid quality materials & construction. The bathroom is surprising in its spaciousness, and I love the cozy little “nest” bedroom with that incredible glide-to-me, edge-to-edge, over-the-bed desk/table! That’s absolutely the spoil-me-rotten feature of the whole house. I might never get out of bed again, if I lived in this oh-so-pleasant little home! lol! Oh, yes, the loft is an attractive plus in this tiny house, for storage, guest room, reading nook, working on Holiday gifts (eh?), and/or child’s playroom/bedroom/homework & possible projects & crafts area. Thumbs up for The Laurier and it’s gentle tour Host (your English is charming!).

  3. I want the Sakura, with a sliding desk over the bed and THIS kitchen and sofa. My heart is sold on the Sakura; it’s the Sakura bedroom, its reading room, bathroom and rooftop which get to me.

    I still want the Sakura but with the “Laurier” kitchen, mirror/table and sliding desk in my bedroom ?

    I’ll contact you shortly. What’s your name?

  4. Gradient flooring is the absolute best.

    Just wondering if you could have used electric floor heating that could have used solar?

  5. Just when I thought the Sakura couldn’t be topped……the Laurier! AND this is your first year of production!?!?!? You guys are killing it when it comes to practical and beautiful housing with smart design. My favorite builders/designers!

  6. is there a tiny house out there so much better than this? Coz this is like the best I have ever seen? Can’t find a tiny house that matches this yet. If you have found tiny houses that are so better than this (even in your own opinion) please give me a link. Can’t get over this tiny house and have been watching this over and over again.

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