The Orme, Unique Tiny house on wheels

The Orme is a very unique tiny on wheels built in 2019. Enjoy the video! You can have more information on the website in addition to being able to view the virtual tour. Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact or quote section of our website.

The Orme web page:


  1. If this was french I wouldn’t be watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .when french shows in my feed it realy pises me of. I down vote and turn it of immediately . ozie.

  2. Good job on the loft window! Very few people think about being able to climb out of it in a fire with the kitchen below you! Well done.

    • English is more universal than French. English is spoken by about 375 million people in 50 countries. French is spoken by about 275 million people in 29 countries. This is what his comment referred to. There are nearly 7 billion people on Earth, so no, english is not a universal language compared to the whole.

  3. I completely understand working within the confines of a customers unique needs and wants, and you guys always do a fantastic job. Most tiny home builders focus way too much on form rather than function, but you guys always achieve a beautiful balance. Pulling off this level of thoughtful beauty in 8.5’ width is no easy task. Bravo!

  4. I have some questions unrelated to your tiny homes. My wife and I live in Ontario, but the laws here seem to prohibit putting a tiny home on our own land. Is it legal in Quebec to put a tiny home on your own land permanently? If so, do most people in Quebec speak english? We are considering buying land in Quebec but staying close to the Ontario border. We of course will do our best to learn french, but that is not something that will happen quickly so we are concerned about possible language barriers. Your thoughts are welcome. P.S.: LOVE your designs!

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