The PERFECT tiny house for any occasion! Living BIG in a tiny house! Tiny Home Tour

This tiny house is the true definition of a perfect vacation home! Hey friends, this is Chance with Chance’s mobile home world and we have a awesome tour video for you.

This tiny house has a shower and several other really awesome features your for sure going to want to see! Living big in a tiny house! The for this house is Athens Park Model. The model for this home is the “Mindy II.” This home has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom and has roughly 399 square foot. Let me know what you think about the video! I hope you enjoy this mobile home walk through video.

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We have been in the mobile home business for years, and thought why not upload videos about something we can relate to and deal with every day.

We have seen the mobile home business come such a way. In the old days most people referred to mobile as a trailer house. However some of the manufactured homes we carry are far from “trailer houses.”

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  1. Hello Mr. Chance!
    Enjoy & appreciate all your tours!
    As for your “short videos” you mentioned, how bout some of your sweet family when you’re saying goodbye, to go off and record your tours? You could also make some different videos on your fave, “pantries”! Maybe give a few short videos on your suggestions on the best home for young beginners…🤷🏼‍♀️ “Food for thought!” God Bless!!!🙏🏼

  2. Thankfully there’s no useless upstairs. In the bathroom, thank you for the real medicine cabinet. But get that box off of the counter! You can get an over the toilet rack or cabinet for the towels. I’d rather have a small island on wheels than a table. In the bedroom, you really don’t need anything other than your bed and nightstand. It already has a dresser, YEAH. I like that house for 1 or 2 people. It’s really nice!

  3. Does the purchase include electric and sewer connections? Does it include freighter costs? Let me know. I’m looking for a lot right now. And can you buy one already furnished.

  4. I really like this tiny home but do you guys brings them to Minnesota or can you deliver them to Minnesota because I am handicapped paraplegic is trying to find a home to live in because wherever it is not easy for me to get around and do anything in here and I am trying to buy a home now because this is just stressful and getting more and more for me but I don’t really want to put that info on here but PLEASE let me know if you can what u can tell me OK thanks alot

  5. Chance, love all your tours. Would like to see some nice ones in the 1300 to 1600 sq.ft size. Are there any two bedrooms in that size? Thanks .

  6. I’ve tuned into your videos casually for about over a year now. I appreciate the videos, knowledge and even pantry dances. Short…. You could make a short on the Pantry Dance or perhaps what restaurants you stop at when going to check out these homes all over the country.

  7. Looks more like the perfect tiny porch. Where is the house? You paid for the roof and the floor and forgot to build walls. Looks dumb.

  8. I love it would make me a perfect little home so I can be by myself. Great job Chance !!!! All I need is a 1/2 acre lot. Hope you have a wonderful weekend Chance !!!!!! ❤️❤️

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