The “Perpetual Star” Tiny House – Ultra Light and RV-like

Part work of art, part ultra-light home, “The Perpetual Star” tiny house (built by Ben Strong) blurs the boundaries between nature and with its open floor plan, enormous window, and curve-linear shape (almost “Leaf like”). Derek “Deek” Diedricksen, while teaching a tiny house workshop build Melbourne Australia (with Darren Hughes and Lisa Adams from “ Australia”) and Dustin Diedricksen)) was given a chance to thorough look through this very tiny house on wheels- one that can also be pulled and built on a single axle trailer.

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    • Exactly this is not practical for any use when Dynamics gas saving or hopefully not a disaster of breaking Windows while you’re driving and flying into other cars that should be in a backyard parked permanently like a guest house

    • So you missed the part where he said he towed it for over 3 hours to get it there?

      Or the part that he said he could just put a protective panel over it while traveling?

      Or that it is so light that he towed it with a regular car?

      Or that its designed to be placed out in nature, like when camping? Thus the outdoor bathroom, not exactly backyard/guest house design…

    • +ZeoCyberG I type what I think he address this issue where I time stamped it. He got lucky getting it there hopefully he never takes it out without boxing the front.

  1. rather than steam bending or using kerf cuts i like to laminate. cut your shape in plywood and use the scrap pieces for clamping and holding your shape. does tend to lose the natural grain look when you sandwich thin laminates but easy to make.
    very cool rig he has there!

  2. I haven’t watched the whole video but my first thought and after still looking at it was this would feel like a heavy tow the curve is completely opposite or wrong for gas saving and wind shear factor between behind a vehicle? It should have been sideways. Plus the all-glass leaves very little insulation it would be too hot in summer and too cold in Winter unless you’re just going to park it in your backyard and run an air conditioner and heater all the time I really do not understand the efficiency of this build at all they look nice but that’s about it. Plus the furniture used for the kitchen area looks like from a child’s bedroom comparing to everything else that was built with the windows and everything it seems really cheap looking. Just my opinion why would you have colored knobs when everything is nice wood and nice windows and trim and the stain on the furniture doesn’t look good I just find this whole thing really confusing and who would I even want something like that except for very short term maybe overnight stay? I would really like to know what kind of gas mileage he gets?

  3. And not to mention the fact that it’s only got two wheels it may be easier for turning but you constantly have to put out the legs to stop anywhere and detach so you’re adding that work to it every time you stop and go somewhere

    • No, you don’t… Unless you have a junk trailer or are towing it wrong.

      Single axles just have lower max weight, will be harder on the tires as you have fewer to spread the load over, are less likely to have good suspension or brakes but all that can be modified as most tiny houses are built on custom engineered trailer frames.

  4. And then there’s a constant worry about debris and rocks here in California because we have dry Rocky areas are windows are constantly pebbled by just driving to work. Again I understand he wanted to do a different design but this is totally not practical at all for any reason I would like to hear some response from the designer Builder when he uses this or where he goes? Or he just did it for fun

  5. I would suggest builders to really start considering adding vastly increased wind shear values into structure design.

  6. I like it, but the “answer” about how the walls were made did not provide an answer. All I got out of it is that he bent plywood and nailed it to battens. That means nothing.

  7. Asking the cost is rude? Are you making a modern art piece are a building. I don’t mean to sound critical. I like your channel. But cost is never rude . It is the primary concern with real people. Any architect. Or builder Should be up front with people.

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