The Tiny House With It All! 🌟 Modern, Spacious & Dazzling Views

This is a house that has it all! It’s open, modern, spacious and packed full of great design features that make living in this home a dream. Parked up in Queenstown, it also boasts some dazzling views of the surrounding mountains.

Leon and Jariya decided to make the move into a house after spending a year traveling in a caravan around New Zealand. Nomadic at heart, the couple loved the idea of having a beautiful place to call home which would meet their needs but that they could also relocate when they choose to.

There’s a lot to love about this house design. It’s perfectly tailored for indoor / outdoor flow, and everything throughout the home is quality. You’re not left wanting for any of the modern conveniences in this tiny home, which even boasts a entertainment system, smart home automation features (including an automatic watering system for the plants) and much more.

We hope you enjoy the of this epic house!

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Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langston
Camera: Rasa Pescud & Bryce Langston
Editing: Sarah Binder & Rasa Pescud

‘Living Big in a House’ © 2022 Zyia Pictures Ltd

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  1. We absolutely loved touring this incredible home. Leon and Jariya have created such a beautiful and mindful place to live. Sometimes, you visit a home that just works and this is one of those places. We hope you enjoy the tour of this amazing tiny house! With love, Bryce & Rasa

  2. If anyone is wondering about the lighting they are the govee lights. I have them and they are awesome and inexpensive

  3. Another amazing home, we’ll set out that really suits them both – I was really interested in their toilet system and it ticks all the boxes after I goggles them to learn more.
    Another fantastic video

  4. Beautiful! One of my best. And one of Bryce’s best shoots… straight to the point and with so much clarity.

    One thing though…. Having an outside shower or tap would have solved the problem of washing after gardening before coming inside.

  5. I love it when the owners say “I got inspired by your videos, Bryce”
    You are doing such a wonderful job with this channel!!

  6. What’s the name of that toilet (the transcript has not written it correctly)? Do all incinerator toilets allow for using a bidet to clean oneself?

  7. I think this Tiny Home has sealed the deal on my decision to one day build my own, such an excellent design Leon, absolutely amazing home you have built.

  8. Everytime I get notification of new video, a twinkly wave goes through mind that wow now I m going have a beautiful visual treat!!!!! 😊

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