The Tiny Life! Tiny House Living in Texas

Habeo is a building startup in Hunt, Texas. duo decided to build a to get a feel for the tiny house market and see if building -time is something that might be feasible. It’s currently for sale!


Built by Team Habeo

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  1. Researching tiny houses, this is a poorly laid out and fairly wasted space design. This is more hipster then minimalist. Bad design.

  2. I would like to see a handicap tiny house. No stairs, ladders, or lofts. For instance I am wheelchair bound. I have a power chair. I can walk into the bathroom with bars. Shower must be made with a seat in it. As much as I love baths I cannot get in or out of a tub. Unless it is one of those walk in tubs with a seat. A shower head on a long enough to wash hair. Queen bed in a room , of course all single level. With space to use my power chair or to have storage right inside door where I ca transfer to a non power wheelchair that is powered by hands on big wheels. Which will go anyplace in the tiny home. With the exception of the bath room, right now I could walk a bit with bars around the whole area.
    Any chance of seeing this type of tiny house.
    I have watched many shows about tiny homes. I have yet to see one for handicapped persons. Even outside to have a way to get in to the tiny home. Think about it. You may need to talk to the ADA (Americans Disablites) to find was is legal.

  3. Very nice work! It’s a beautiful tiny home. My only complaint can be seen at the very beginning of the video. That is the un-shielded outlet right under the water heater. That for me is a problem I know it is a tank less water heater but they still leak. Other then that great work and it is very beautifully done.

  4. Lighting is awesome. I use Christmas lights for soft lighting. It invites peacefulness. Calm. Serenity. Plus a lil holiday excitement year around ? Hide appliances nice application. What of floor space storage?? Or custom build drawers in the wall like in bathroom, bedroom etc I prefer custom made. Id like upper living area/ couch area in lieu of bedroom loft. Ive seen upper living room areas before house is much more spacious. Open. I chi flow

  5. I agree with IceQueenxxoo It is Beautiful but, In my option Changing into a tiny house is what I want to do to save money. You really need to learn how to build your own and not on wheels on your own land. get an RV if you want to travel. Anybody can learn how to do anything if they want. spending that kind of money defeats the purpose of living debt free. Its the journey of building also and how you want it laid out what you want in it. How to can get materials used or for half price and being creative! It will give you so much satisfaction that you built it how ever long it takes you. That is what it means to me. so basically your into the investment /profit would be somewhere around 35,000.00 I understand that… I would not want to pull that on the road everything would fall off.

  6. Ladders are always a bad idea. What does the tiny house look like that you guys live in. Do you guys have any solar for this house or a place for sustainable renewable energy or is it just for on grid application.

  7. The cabinets are to high, you should add handles I wouldn’t want to bend down each time to open the trash from the bottom of the door. The color lights are for a teenagers room. The ladder is ridiculous if you don’t arm strength it is hard to climb. No head room in the sleeping loft. The ceiling and wall color clash.

  8. This is beautiful. You guys did a really great job on this home. Wished you would have kept with the cool tone look for the stairs. They take away from the beauty of the home. Love the shower and the detailed work that went along.

  9. With certain types of insulation and window or sort placement for cross drafts you can bypass A/C. I would try it. Still $25.00 for the utility bill is def cheap – no complaints, but running 24/7 is a lot of time.

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