The TOP 5 REASONS People Sell Their Tiny Houses

There are alot of misconceptions out there as to why people sell their tiny houses. Hint: It’s not always what you think!

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  1. These reasons are no different from why people sell traditional home. Lives and needs change. I love my tiny house and if I did it again I would go smaller.

  2. Honestly I’ve been planning the hell out of my future house. Room for my mother, check. Room for nieces, check. Room for additional short term guests, check. Water filtration, charge controllers, converters, batteries, propane storage, fresh, black, gray water storage, composting toilet, propane heating, ac with heat pump. Portable batteries to power a projector/TV. Plan’s coming together nicely…

    • @B J Wieland-Doucet If I didn’t want to stay near family in the northern US in winter I would too. But with temperatures as low as -48ºF, and sometimes daily snow fall it’s just not feasible yet. I could plug in somewhere but I’d rather not. There is hope though since someone has created a way to compost and harvest the methane from it for use and if I can convince a few ranchers to let me at the dung piles I could potentially produce enough to heat and cook on while keeping methane out of the atmosphere.

    • @Carissa Leonard Really good luck to you. Sounds like you’ve done some solid thinking about what you need. Don’t forget to add some things you like!🙋‍♀️

    • @Amanda Wilcox  My cellphone and tablet PC are the only things I like. (A little too much.) I’d use them for basic entertainment (avid ebook reader, Netflix, Prime consumer) and I’m considering a projector instead of a TV since they’re portable and lightweight. I work via that tablet anyway so taking a break just means opening what ever I’m interested in atm and break time begins.

  3. The number 1 reason is that the shysters selling these often poorly built and grossly overpriced boxes do not tell the truth about the real-world expenses and how long it will take to break even on investment.
    And that whistling is INCREDIBLY annoying. Stop it.

  4. They should move all the people who live in freezing climates into tiny houses in areas with warmer weather, the amount of extra materials required to make harsh climates work is not necessary.

  5. Median price for a house now in my state is $500,000 . A half a million fucking dollars. We are nothing but consumers for the rich

  6. I’m about to move to Santa Cruz and apartments are expensive and hard to come by. I’m about to buy a tiny house and just call it a day!

  7. I would say that their too small. I live in central Wi.(we have long winters ;). We can still buy a house with a small yard for around $ 100.000

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