The Top 5 Tiny House Lies

There are alot of misconceptions and oftentimes…lies being thrown around out there about tiny houses and the concepts surrounding living in them.

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  1. Just wanted to add to the point # 3 about the price per square foot. Even if a conventional house is cheaper per square foot than a tiny house, their cost is so high that many people just can’t afford them. A person could put $20,000 down on a house and pay it off in 30 years, or they could pay cash for a tiny house and owe nothing more.

  2. I have zero debt, saved up $4000, bought a 20ft one trip container and I have been buying stuff to build it out inside as I get money. Its coming along very nicely.

  3. I’m a veteran, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to get a VA loan on some land and a home? Is that something they do, combined loans like that?

  4. Thanks for this video Dek. I’m 68 and on social security, so my funds are limited. Yet what I pay for rent would be less if I made payments on a tiny house which I’d love to live in. But I’m on oxygen at night and I need all electric. How would that be possible? I need my bedroom on the ground floor. I live simply, don’t care for fancy gizmos. There was one small tiny house that I just loved and would have been perfect for me if it was all electric. Thanks for your time. 🖒

  5. Price. That’s the biggest stumbling block for most Americans, especially the growing number of people who live paycheck to paycheck, like myself.
    The banks/finance vampires love to write you a loan for a $200,000 + house/land package with a mere 620 credit rating, and some with no money down in certain circumstances. Ask for $60k however, for what amounts in their eyes for an RV that you plan to make your primary residence, and they either laugh or just walk away shaking their head.

    What we need are finance options. Options that won’t end up costing double the cost of the tiny house itself.

    OH sure, you can get financing on an “RV” if you have a 900 credit score and own a 3,000 Sq ft traditional home for collateral, and can cough up a huge down payment.

    What about the rest of us who want to break the paycheck to paycheck cycle, and believe living tiny in something other than an apartment building with 100 other broke families, is a viable option?

  6. Each state has their own rules. And those rules have rules. Too many rules in USA. Don’t buy a tiny home unless you can put it on a family members land, and hide it from the neighbors! On a side note, where on your website is that person’s listing in California where he has land for tiny home folk? I searched the website, can’t find it!

  7. I agree with you my friend I just did a video on my own channel about parking just dip a day or two ago I’m going to download it to YouTube soon and I said the same thing by the band Brothers expressly told this nonsense about Stealth parking stealth who you hiding from I don’t stop Buckeye Parkway I want to park and sleep when I want to sleep and what it depends where you go and the respect you show people you don’t be messy don’t stay the same place every day you know so just like tiny houses you’re right this is a misconception a lot of people who live alternatively say the same thing you can’t find places to park this plenty of places to park America has billions and billions of spaces..
    It’s up to you to find the right one

  8. I disagree with you they are going to expensive you can buy a tiny house for as much as $80,000 or even $250,000 ISO 1/4 on a YouTube channel are you kidding me $250,000 for a tiny house except to meet that was no tiny house that was like a FEMA trailer done up…

  9. What people have to realize is this a Sims become more popular and more people jump on the bandwagon it gets more expensive that’s for anything that’s capitalism and that’s the only thing that stays cheap because anyone can get a van and do that themselves and live in it kind of houses different not everybody can make their own house so they can have to pay that $80,000 price I’m lucky I can make my own tiny house I don’t need no help I can make mine for as little as $4,000 and that would be great enough it’s up to you what you want to spend on it..

  10. Another commentary, Let It Go and the purpose of buying a tiny house or going tiny is to have less bills to pay if you buy tiny house for $100,000 or $80,000 you defeat the purpose of saving money cuz now you have more debt and going to pay that off with interest depending on the company who makes it for you like I said before if you can make it yourself make itself up any kind of the dollar that’s what I’ll do make my own like this like a Built My Own van myself

  11. I definitely agree with you on that one the same is set for living in your van living out of your van people told me my channel living in a van is only for one person no go to England people do vinelife you got a couple at that live in that van a lot of people do it so if you can live in a van with a family you can easily live in that tiny house it can be done so yes number for I do agree with..

  12. The thing with tiny houses I think when you have to have to finance a tiny house it defeats the purpose of living cheaply because now you’re in you’re going to be in debt to the person who owns that tiny house loan is paid off and is going to take you probably 10-15 years paid off like a regular house mortgage I highly recommend if you can do it yourself get a used trailer empty trailer and do witches make it that make it out yourself like I said before I’m blessed I can do it myself I’m never ever find out any house from anyone I got a trailer and make my own just like I made my own van and live in it I did my own high top did it myself instead of paying $5,000 f*** high-top I did it myself a pennies-on-the-dollar I can do it you guys can do it too…

  13. Number 5 you are right I definitely with number 5 but the downside to that is like I said you defeat the purpose when you’re buying in the deck like that to the purpose of going tiny is being debt-free which means you have no mortgage or nothing like that I live up to my room I can send it meaning of times and I have a leave out of my van and I’m debt-free I don’t need Ramsey for that I think I teach myself that cuz I’m disciplined but it can be done..
    But once again guys I say it again if you can do it yourself do-it-yourself DIY is the key guys DIY is the key the amount of money you save cuz I can send a million times over if you’re going to do tiny house I live in that to your van you defeat the purpose by going into debt to finance a tiny house for fifty-thousand $70,000 because you’re going to be in Old on that payment for these another 10 years that don’t make sense to me I make my own tiny house myself paid off cash and have no debt from beginning to end but it’s your choice like I said everything is becoming popular alternative living is becoming very popular now because people can’t afford to pay rent so so that means the van prices makeup High because I buy more Vans instead of course.
    And the thing with that is buy used van you don’t need a brand new van my van is a 95 E350 and I do that myself gone Craigslist you don’t have to buy a brand new van just like tiny houses get a second and used trailer and do it yourself and outfit it yourself it will cost you a lot cheaper and you’ll never have to finance it I promise you…

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