The Ultimate Off-Grid VAN LIFE in Sprinter Van with a HUGE Solar System

and Savana have been van dwellers for the past few years, and with their energy business, they were able to create the ultimate .





OPENING DRONE SHOT: Jonathan Benabed


  1. This is the most motivating video that we have seen yet. We are interested in a skoolie and most of all the life style. Thanks for the video.

  2. Is that a lot of solar? Thus is so cool. I couldn’t imagine doing something like that in Ireland here. I wish I lived in america cause that would totally be my dream.

  3. We are old car buffs and we do a lot of weekend swap meets and weekend carshows.
    We want to buy a fairly new but used Chevy Exspress exstended 3500 cargo van.
    When we do buy our van how do we get s hold of you to build the insides to our specs and we want a solar panels on the roof as you have yours.
    I am a crippled and i have the ifmdeas tk build the inside of our van when we get it but its doing the actual work.
    Mind you were not going to live in our van permantly its mainly for traveling to big swap meets and its our place to sleep and eat will were selling our stuff at a swap meet. We want to tow a cargo trailer behind our van if were doinf local swap meets.
    We want a big bed , maybe a stove and heater plus that fan Saraha showed in your video.
    A/C in spring and summer months while it gets hot out side at nights, cold air inside the van power comes from the solar panels. Oh and enough room for others that might want to come to the swap meets with usit will be an exstended Cargo van so their is an extra 4 feet in side the van not as a regular size van.
    My name is Dave and you can reach us at 289-707-2741.
    We wont be getting our van till mid summer next year.
    Thank you for making your video and tell us that you design and build solar panels for vans.
    I have a pair of scooters for us to travel the rolls of venders at say Carlise or Hershey PA.
    I want to charge my scooters batterys on the solar panels too.

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