The Ultimate Tiny House on Wheels

The “Denali” by in Alabama is one of those setups where you just sit back and think “wow” because of extreme attention to detail in every inch throughout the home both inside and outside. I love the work Doug (the owner of Timbercraft) does with each of his tiny homes because you can immediately look at one of his builds and know who it, yet each one is very unique. Denali is no exception. Thanks for the tour Doug and thank you for watching.


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  1. ..I always thought you guys from down South can only catch crocodiles and turtles and know how to make tons of moonshine, ……but now I can see that you can also design and build the nicest tiny homes in North America! Very beautiful! With best Rgds from the Arctic!

  2. That is one GIANT ASS tiny home. Most tiny homes are the size of this closet 1:01. And do we have to film while a helicopter is landing? So this Denali is priced > $100,000?

  3. What gorgeous home!! Though I can’t imagine towing something like that. I would have to park it as a permanent home somewhere.

  4. I was hoping for a loft on the other side of the home. If I ever purchase a tiny home I want it with a staircase and a loft with a built-in wall ladder like he has over the bathroom for storage.

  5. this is beautiful!! well designed too. yes its bigger but still compact and portable so in my op a tiny house in every way. excellent work!! ?

  6. Builders… Please build these quality homes in communities with affordable payments. I prefer zero red tape. Thanks

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