The Wedge Tiny House Produces More Energy Than It Uses

The Laney College Carpentry Department in Oakland, California built this tiny house for the 2016 SMUD Tiny House Competition. What is a house? It means it produces all of the energy it needs without the help of any grid-tied energy or resources. I love the design and how the rear of the tiny home juts out which makes it look really awesome and also creates more interior room.

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  1. This video needed alot more info on the power system and heating, and also details on the water system and insulation. The video is nowhere detailed enough to really demonstrate live-ability for a serious buyer. This tiny house wouldn’t cut it in my Alberta winter climate at all for live-ability. Its energy systems are just not good enough, or if they are they certainly aren’t detailed well enough in the video or on the website at all.

  2. While I applaud the effort, it’s a bit disingenuous to say that you could build a tiny house that produces all its needs in that 30K range. The solar system alone could run you that much. While I know that you can piecemeal a Tiny House together over a few years, if you need somewhere to live then it’s a requirement to get out of the elements immediately.

  3. Getting pushed out of the area where you were born and raised is a sad truth here in California. As a single woman with a job that I love but it doesn’t pay 6 figures, I can’t buy a home anywhere near my parents or creature comforts. Tiny house living is looking like the future for a lot of millennials.

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