The WORST tiny house/cabin we’ve seen! DANGEROUS (Arizona)

HOW many WRONG /mistakes can YOU find in this cabin?

I'm not mentioning the town this is in, just the state, and in NO WAY intend to insult the owners of this cabin they see this (they rent it from afar and I'm not even sure they know the scope/condition of it to be honest). This cabin/tiny house (listed as a tiny house rental) is just outright dangerous in the way it was built and will not last. Yes, I've even mentioned this to the owners in an email (but never heard back from them). I never met the owners in person either. Again, to protect their privacy, the exact locale of the cabin will not be given- nor the names of the owners. I mean no ill will against the owners, or their business, as again, people viewing won't even know where this cabin is- and side note- the house number you see isn't even accurate- not sure what its significance is.
The nice things: The locale of this place was AWESOME and peaceful, it was affordable, and the owners were polite and responsive (except for acknowledging my concerns about their place when I checked out- which they didn't HAVE to reply on, but I really hope they saw the message).

Please build safely.

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  1. Dang, even I could do a better job. My home made square drop survived 5 years before a hail storm took it out.

  2. Great Leaping Phuque!! What a freakin’ disaster! That’s just nuts… thanks, Deek – muchly appreciated!

  3. That’s the way they build shit in Mexico. And that structure is the definition of shit.
    I’ve been hired to fix other people’s mistakes, but have NEVER seen such bad “carpentry” before. It should be condemned before the roof collapses on someone. MDF swells when it gets wet & returns to its sawdust state. I replaced a few MDF floors for people who had leaky toilets (and always got sick from the mold afterwards).
    Anyone can go online & learn how to build something. There’s no excuse for this, other than being too lazy & too cheap. If you want to slap something together & live in it, go ahead. It’s your life. Just don’t rent it out. Pathetic.

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