Their ADORABLE 128 sqft Tiny House by Incredible Tiny Homes – $30k!

Thanks to our sponsor! It began as a bare-bones budget model by Incredible Tiny Homes, then they DIY adorably maximized every inch. They love living & life at Tiny Home Village.


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👉How can TOW my THOW to relocate or road trip?

Video Chapters:
0:00 – meet the most adorable tiny homeowners
1:22 – their ft tiny house
7:51 – their tiny home journey
9:48 – silly sponsor message
10:43 – tour cont’d
15:34 – tiny home community life
17:26 – tiny house walkthrough
20:58 – $30k tiny house cost & financing
22:22 – Millennial homeownership
22:41 – their future THOW
24:13 – hello from Tiny House

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  1. Thanks to our sponsor! Join Michelin’s International Check Your Wipers Day to learn more, like how to check your blades & easily find a pair that fits your car: 🏡Ashley & Norma-Jean have a 128 sq ft tiny house that began as a bare-bones budget model by Incredible Tiny Homes, then they DIY adorably maximized every inch. They love life at Acony Bell Tiny Home Village.
    👉 *WATCH a tour of their neighbor’s tiny home:*

    • Acony Bell is opening phase 3 soon! But there’s a long waitlist so getting a spot there is easiest by buying a tiny house for sale by one of the current residents 🙃

  2. A beautiful couple in a beautiful home. What’s ironic is that their relationship would not be welcome in Newport TN, the home of Incredible Tiny Homes. No state had done more than Tennessee to restrict the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals.

  3. Damn these two should start a storage consultation business, like Marie Kondo or something. If I ever get a tiny house I’d hire them to do a zoom walkthrough and lend me their creative storage ideas!! I never expected such a tiny tiny house could be so functional, but their storage skills made me reconsider tinier tiny house designs. Amazing job!! Love this couple and their tiny house!!

  4. This couple are so cute, and so is their sunshine yellow tiny! Imagine being able to share clothes – and shoes! Bonus! I think I could live in their house. Really enjoyed this video.

  5. Wow, Ashely & Norma-Jean your ITH is so cute. I love it. ITH has some beautiful new models now and I love their builds as well. Your decor is adorable and I love your attitude on life. Cheers to the both of you and your cool home. ❤🏡

  6. Yes ITH, i have follow them for about 6 years now and attended their 3 tiny festivals. Soon as I sell my house I’m headed to Newport TN. Beautiful home and yes u two are adorable. Love the colors in your home. Great use of space. Amazing how much u have put in ur home and does not seem crowded. Great job!

  7. I love all of their tiny decorations. It’s so nice to see 👀a usable loft. One dormer can be nice it gives me ideas 💡. These young women did a great job showing us their home 🏡.

  8. OMG, what a beautiful house you built into a wonderful home 🏠.
    Wishing you both incredible journeys as your life moves forward!
    Oh, also, when setting up the dining/craft table, remember to lock the legs in place by pushing up on the metal bracket until it clicks. Otherwise, your table could collapse as your eating dinner & really make a mess of your beautiful furniture.

  9. These two are so twee! I wish tinys had been more of a thing when I was in my early twenties. I did rent a 300sq ft mother’s-in-law quarters in my city’s downtown that I loved!
    It’s great that they’re physiologically small-statured too; that does make living in a small quarters more comfortable. I reached my full adult height of 6’2″ at like fifteen… I do feel like a freak often because I don’t fit into ordinary, “normal” spaces. This wouldn’t be a problem other than I’m ciswoman, and people automatically consider me otherwise. (“Why would a woman want to be so tall?” Um, I REALLY had no say-so in the matter)
    I don’t care, I still would love a tiny house; I’d just need a single level with a bit of a modified bathroom… Not only am I an Amazon, but I recently had my left leg amputated below the knee due to a crush injury. I have a prothesis, but it’s not something that’s worn while just kickin’ it on the couch in yer PJs.
    Anyways… This home has lots of clever storage ideas and a beautiful, homey aesthetic. I bet it’s heavenly when she’s cooking her gorgeous vegan meals and the spices and getting comfy on that nice, deep couch.
    I wish them both a lifetime of happiness together. They most certainly brought a smile to my face ✌🏻🥰

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