Their COZY YURT will Inspire You to Escape to the Forest

Aja and Jake built a cozy , so they can share their unplugged & nature-fueled life with others.

EDITOR: Marcia Trader



ADDITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Aja & Jake (homeowners)


  1. I don’t understand how you can let your kids jump on the bed…with a WHITE beadspread no less…with their shoes on… which they’ve been wandering around the forest ?

    • Leila L – they’re just testing it to see if it’s sturdy, you have to check these things!
      I stayed somewhere once and I put my bag on the bed and the whole thing collapsed – if I’d have sat on it I might have hurt myself!

    • At the end of the day this is an advert for yurt as a holiday rental so it’s like showing a house i.e. it is pristine for the visit and not in a ‘living here’ condition.

  2. The footstool I have one with a med green pillow. I was told it was an old Birthing Stool. What is the history of the footstool❓

  3. Looks like a great place to integrate with nature, the yurt and the surroundings are so beautifully, naturally peaceful!

    • ​@Tiny House Giant Journey Yes…it is. These people are lying hypocrites who still live in mansions and fly in private jets while trying to convince US to give up OUR homes and cars to SAVE THE PLANET.. I have never been to Tibet because it is horrendously expensive…..they obviously have. All of the local “artists” cannot support themselves without the help of daddy’s $$$….You can call it “not true”, but it is. Total liars and hypocrites…pick better options instead of your rich, vacuous friends would be my suggestion for future videos.

  4. Beautiful area, wondering how long does the outside of the Yurt last? Now one bigger question,where is part 2 of the yellow trailer? That should of come first before showing us the Yurt.Just my op ion. Great Video as all ways.✌?

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