They downsized into a Tiny House, now have more & free time

Cate and Brian downsized into a custom built in a Tiny House Village in North Carolina. With their affordable lifestyle, they are now able to work less and enjoy more freedom & happiness. They also share their Tiny Home with their adorable (but giant) dog, Jack.







Matt Alexander

Marcia Trader




0:00 Intro
1:10 Meet Cate and Brian
1:29 Motivations for living in a tiny home
2:19 Cost of the
2:39 Parking spot – Acony Bell Village
2:59 Exterior stats
3:47 How big is the tiny house?
4:21 Living room
5:14 Office/guest loft
6:26 Kitchen
10:30 Bathroom
12:23 Storage solutions
13:38 Bedroom loft
15:15 Exterior design choices
18:55 Impact of tiny living
19:30 Outro

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  1. If she ever finds a way to have a writers retreat there where I can stay in a tiny for a month or so….sign me up immediately!!!

  2. Beautiful Home! Loved all the extra information you gave us. Very different and extremely helpful. I enjoyed this style video much more then other ones.

  3. I heard that putting concrete blocks for supports will crack over time, wood stacked blocks are better. Also good to know about the mini split unit mounting, not on a wall, for vibration!

  4. Nice place. Love your sink and stairs..important things for me. Tip is a small dishwasher uses less water then by hand. Garbage disposer is bad for the water system, costs more bc of contamination. If you need a dryer smart you have one and not the combi. It wastes energy like crazy. 
    In Europe we mostly hang dry clothes bc our wash machines spin so fast the clothes are not wet like in states. Enjoy your life.. looks really good.

  5. It’s refreshing to see a tiny house not on wheels. I love to watch your videos and noticed so many people are doing the mobile tiny homes so it’s nice to see another stationary tiny house again!

    • I know it’s on wheels but I moreso mean a tiny house that’s not built with the idea of traveling all the time (ex. Skoolie, van life, other vehicle remodels)

  6. Love thee look of your home, being 70 I don’t like your steps to your bed room, I would change that, and thats it…again only because i am old…i have lost a home in a hurricane and while it was devastating it was freeing to loose all the stuff , and to start fresh and not have so much stuff…so i understand what you said. also i , too am a toilet flushing girl ! LOL Please thank your sons for their service to our country! God Bless!

  7. Whenever I’m watching a tiny home video the first thing that comes to my mind is ” I hope they don’t have a compost toilet” 😐

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