They Placed 3 TINY HOMES in a Backyard Parking Lot to Create Unique Hotel

in , , is a unique that squeezes three modern (all under 170 sq feet) into a backyard parking lot. Could you hack it in a ? The best way to find out is to try the lifestyle on for size!


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Jenna Kausal




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  1. The fact that u have one named the HENRY, u might get me to stay there when I come to visit (after the Pandemic), that’s my Grandbaby’s name. 😁

  2. These are nice but making them hotels instead of small affordable housing is a waste. This could help people own homes but instead they are used for profit.

    • @Cameron Duquette I never said we can’t fix the system, but you’re the one who is insisting on the way that only insures making it worse… It’s like curing cancer by killing the patient with poison… That’s not fixing it!… It’s like the old proverb, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”… You’re not going to solve a complex problem with a simple fix that doesn’t account for everything that is causing the problem…

    • @ZeoCyberG giving people housing doesn’t seem like it’ll make homelessness worse lmao
      It’s okay I get it you have the landlord capitalism boot down your throat and you like the way it taste.
      Nationalizing housing, taking it and giving it to people isn’t gonna make it worse lmao

    • @Cameron Duquette Sorry but it will make it far worse… It’s exactly like the life raft analogy, unless you create more resources then giving it to everyone just spreads it out too thin and people end up with less… We have a population far larger than the number of houses available and you’re not going to create more without effecting the existing houses… You’ll basically end up with everyone basically living in barely better than shelter standards… Again, don’t confuse good intentions with solutions that will actually work or not… Real problems require real solutions!

    • @ZeoCyberG We have about 22.5 empty homes per homeless person in America. They’re ready built. They have a choice of homes. We have enough. It’s cheaper to house people than them living on the streets.

    • @Cameron Duquette No, we don’t… The reality is we have far less than we need because the system has been broken for decades, housing crisis has been a thing for over 60 years now, without population growth far outstripping housing growth and crumbling infrastructure that threatens to make it even more unsustainable… Over 60% of the population is in unsustainable living conditions where they are either forced to be in temporary housing, have to share housing, or just compacted into ever growing clusters of high density apartments with most of the population now living in cities… Our society has a lot of critical and growing problems that most people don’t seem to be aware of but would be if they were forced to deal with it here and now… Like how inflation has reduced the value of the dollar so much that a $100 from 1920 is now equivalent to $1,359.65 in 2020 and is one of the reasons things seem so expensive now because money has become less valuable as things like national debt has grown… Events like the housing bubble crash are constantly looming and it really won’t take much to make the system crash again… It’s going to take a lot more than good intentions to fix this mess!

  3. So smart. Those units might cost maybe 40k all in. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Talk about ROI from Air B&B. Mortgage on the tiny’s plus land could be as cheap as 600 a month. I bet they are cash positive after 5 nights.

    • Not when you factor costs of running a rental property… It has to be maintained, it has to be cleaned, it has to be serviced, there’s business expenses and taxes to run it, there’s cost to insure it, there’s cost for utilities, etc. and when you have no guests you have to make enough profit for it to last you until the next guest as some of those costs will be there regardless, especially, if you need it to make a living off of…

    • @ZeoCyberG You do know that around 95% of all air B&Bs have you pay for the cleaning charge right? If you’re a smart business team which they clearly are, I’m sure they roll in multiple cleans into one payment. And upkeep on tiny homes with tiny appliances it’s not that difficult. We’ve had a condo rental for the last 10 years and operating cost it has been a refrigerator a sink one flood which insurance took care of etc. Trust me these people are maxing out land to rentable income through Air B&B. I have a friend that owns seven Airbnb units and one property that does the least performance still makes 6X the mortgage. So, do a little research there pal.

    • @f0t0b0y Sorry but I did, you’re analysis doesn’t take into account what happens in the real world. No one is guaranteed a steady stream of customers, especially if it’s not a high demand area, costs vary per area that have to be accounted for, and it doesn’t change there’s a long list of other costs you aren’t accounting for either. Cost cutting here and there isn’t going to cut it for the long term when running a business… There’s reasons why any new business takes 3-5 years before they know for sure whether or not they are successful or are doomed to failure, especially in these uncertain times where any business isn’t going to be guaranteed, there needs to be a serious reality check on what business are actually going to make in the foreseeable future…

    • @ZeoCyberG Dude, I’m a wedding photographer. People love staying in Airbnb’s and even during this pandemic couples are still getting married every weekend and people are still staying in hotels and especially Airbnb’s. I know people here in Cincinnati that stay in tiny homes as a staycation just to get out of their home during this pandemic. One of my friends is a writer and will drive two hours to small town just to stay in a cute Airbnb to get away from it all and focus on writing. Shit, all they have to do is reach out to vendors nearby and I could see a group of friends booking these rooms out just so they can stay together in the cute little courtyard it’s an absolute win.

    • @f0t0b0y Uh, no, hate to break it to you but not every state is in the same condition right now and lots of business are still going out of business because of it… If you follow what goes on sale on listing sites, you’ll find a fair number of former AirBNB properties because it did not work out! Costs in Oregon are also a heck of a lot higher than in Cincinnati and places like Portland are hardly a very stable environment at the moment, which isn’t ideal for tourism… Riots have caused over $2 billion in damages in effected cities…

  4. Love your videos… this one was kinda commercial… I enjoy more the creative artistic designs and people who actually live in their tiny homes… always more fun for me.
    I have used a lot of those brilliant ideas as I have a tiny home in my backyard

  5. BRAVO!!! We’ve been in ours for a year now. Not on wheels, and not finished yet (let sigh). I hope ours will be as beautiful as these when we’re finished.

  6. Yuk… bedroom over kitchen .cooking smells..can’t sit up for normal person. She seriously had to turn to get out of bathroom

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