They Saved Money by Downsizing to a TINY HOUSE with their Kids

and Josh downsized to a Home with their two children (ages 1 and 3) after not being able to afford a regular in a neighborhood near Bellingham, Washington.



DRONE SHOT: Jonathan Benabed


  1. Glad they’re so open to different living styles, they’ve found a wonderful tiny house and a great place to live. All kids adore animals, these boys are living the dream, plenty of parental attention, living on a farm, no pollution, and a dog!

    • Alison Shanahan – thanks for commenting Alison! We are thankful for this opportunity. In our area of NW Washington, there is no other way we could afford a home in the country. We tried to buy a couple homes but were quite outbid!

    • Cassidy Therrien – so glad you asked! Haha! This year, I hope to get a HUGE christmas tree and have it set up by our porch – 15 feet tall or so? Big and beautiful! Follow our family’s Instagram page CowTownTiny and see what we come up with!

  2. Very well designed and functional for the family and seems spacious too. Wonder how much they paid for it just to compare to something brand new.

  3. It’s interesting how this tour of a tiny home, being a larger “tiny house”, was comprehensive and thorough and able to quickly roll through while still adding to it additional details of the ownership and land, etc. in basically under 10min., yet other smaller tiny homes and owners seem to be lost in their ability to deliver a solid perspective of much smaller spaces let alone the what, why, where factors that come with their stories. This couple clearly has their sh!t together; so it makes sense that they were able to convey to the viewer the essentials so easily. Nicely done Jenna.

  4. I’ve seen this home before I think on a tiny house show. They made it work and are sensible. I hope they get resell value later. Nice tour. My daughter has that table and it’s great from Ikea

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