This 1.8 Million Tiny Home Does Have a Dark & Light Side to It; But in a GOOD Way | Tiny Home Living

Welcome to another episode of Unique Homes where we feature tiny houses, farmhouses, bahay kubo and things about living BIG through small living. Because we know — you can’t stop looking into other people’s homes inspiration.

Choosing a color that would make your home’s exterior match its interior becomes a daunting task when you decide to be practical. In this case, homeowners opted dark colors for the exterior so it’s easy to maintain. White on the other hand gives the interior an immaculate look. And so, what’s not to love?

Step this tiny and tidy house and see it yourself.

The homeowners are even happy to share their investment details your reference, in case, you know, owning a tiny home is one of your plans.

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    • Thank you, but unfortunately our contractor is within the family and he has full time job based in Bulacan. I suggest look for someone sa area nyo so it will be easier too. God bless sa plans🙏

    • may reason sya. as an engineer, this is for structural integrity, security and cost efficient. I like the concept.

    • I’ve stayed in Nagano Japan for 2 years, and their houses are much worse than this…i believe they mentioned security and structural strength, which is practical in the PH. The white interior negates claustrophobia. I think it is clever really

    • Saw this in Canada, this is a tiny concept in practice….the illusion is with the interior white color which is cleverly applied

  1. i think the staircase height of the riser is too high the standard height in the philippines should be 18cm up to 20cm it is not advisable to the older people they will stumble down

    • Good eye there, its almost on her knee level….theres a lot of design flaws with that house… Sino kya architect or engr nyan..or if they even had one… 🤔

  2. Wow 😮! …. 1/2 Body Stroke Og Paralyzed Right Shoulder Paralyzed og Right arm Paralyzed Til Right footen Paralyzed og Left innr Brain Damge og pain…more now , walking like a 🐢🚶🏻‍♂️

  3. Thank you Team OG for featuring our home and for those who are sharing their comments (both positive and constructive criticism ). Thank you🙏
    We are grateful that our home already withstand typhoon and earthquake. And yes, once we finally settled in this home for retirement, there are windows to be added in some spaces, dirty kitchen and greenhouse in the corner and we considered for it, as future enhancements.
    Again, thanks for watching. 💕☺️
    -Team Doros

  4. Love your house!!!! I am very inspired, balang araw mag sasabi din ako from the loft ” babe, nag tapon ka na ng basura” lolz.

    • for security and structural integrity daw. Ayos din yan para di nakawan, madami ngayong akyat bahay kung makakaakyat mga kawatan

    • Hi Jeremy,🙂 . Hindi kami takot sa liwanag kaya puro automated lights din sa loob, for now security reason and soon once we settled there upon retirement may plan na san lagay ang additional windows. Our door is so huge, as it will serve as a “window’ for now. Thanks for asking 🙏

  5. Ang galing! This is not an ordinary tiny house that you’ll be able to see that it’s very flexible. Level up ang OG. Keep it up. 🙂

  6. I’m a new subscriber of
    your youtube channel.
    May I know where is
    the location of this
    tiny 🏠 house.? I love
    your home.its inspiration
    to the people love to have
    a relaxing places that me
    & my husband wants to
    design our tiny 🏠 too.
    More power to your YouTube
    channel & looking forward
    for ur next upload videos.

  7. Wow so beautiful pangarap ko ganyang house tiny but beautiful …sana someone will build a tiny house para sa akin. God bless both of you. Thanks for sharing.

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