This 40ft Tiny House is a Mansion On Wheels

While checking out the street festival in North Carolina we found this amazing home on wheels. At 40ft, it’s hard to call it tiny! This home is packed full of really great features and is designed for those who are looking for a simple, small home on wheels, with ease of access to all of it’s features.

This larger tiny house is well suited to the generation who are now approaching and are interested in downsizing to a tiny without wanting to climb ladders into sleeping lofts!

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  1. Every time I see Tiny House Chattanooga, I’m more and more impressed. Glad to see their current build, thanks for sharing. I’m so sad I moved away from Chattanooga without knowing they were there!

  2. I knew it I knew it!!! I said to my self you and him one day you’ll meet up! I watch his videos too in YouTube.

  3. Nice, but not for me. I am more a wabi sabi type. That said, I have finally designed something I like for my 10×12 outbuilding, starting work already! Tiny houses are getting so elaborate, I have been checking out van life for inspiration. Heat has been ferocious this week, but I have brought down some good size rocks for a 10×10 Japanese garden outside the front door, and built a 24″ high potager garden last year. Now I have to decide about the ~130 sf triangle building, which I though storage or greenhouse or tea house. This is great fun! Love tiny spaces.

  4. This one has the quality that I see in what was to be a “tiny home,” which is a camper built like a mobile home, but on a camper trailer foundation. The reason being that it costs too much to move a mobile home. This one is almost as large as the 12 by 50 foot mobile home, and had it had more storage rather than high ceilings, it would definite compete. If it were for me, I would have wanted only the living room to have a high ceiling, with a small wood stove, no windows on tops of the tiny home to prevent leaks, and a lowered ceiling over the kitchen down to the bedroom with an opening for storage. The shower could be a bit more enclosed, I suppose a curtain would catch most of the water, but does seem too open. Nice though, this one is livable. Any young person or elderly individual could make this a nice home for themselves. Would be great for a mother in laws apartment, or a young person to take off to college to live in while working on their undergrad, if facilities are available.

  5. to be honest man i don’t like this salesman pitch… i like your vidss with real people that value the hard work they did their live in home

  6. Its a great concept the it is still only a trailer on wheels the problem is WHERE to put the tiny home on a permanent site and till that problem is sorted out with Councils and Building regulations I can never see the tiny house concept get off the ground.\

    Tiny Houses are of little use to seniors who cannot climb steep steps and ladders the question is what to do with the sleeping loft this is where I think the Goose Neck is a good idea to have the sleeping area on the trailer hitch so it is out of the way and give max amount of room for the living area.

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