This A frame Getaway Cabin is VERY EASY to build!

Plans are below in the links. Camp, Escape Off Grid, Hunt, or Getaway in this low dough A-Frame- one that can be built with new materials for under $1200- or even quite a bit less as we’ve seen in other featured videos on this channel. We’ve even had some people live in these full time as one would in a . In this clip, we see a version of the cabin built by Chris Strathy- aka “The Capable Carpenter”

Deek’s Transforming A-Frame Cabin Plans (which you can build for UNDER $1200!)- HERE:

HERE is a link list of materials/products I use in my builds, my books, workshops, and more:

NEW Tiny House Shirts- Deek Design/Sketch (Helps keep this channel running!)-

Tiny House Hands-On Workshops:

Deek’s Transforming A-Frame Cabin Plans (which you can build for UNDER $1200!)- HERE:

Deek’s book “MICROSHELTERS”- A Bestseller…
FREE SHED/Cabin plans from the Jamaica Cottage Shop

Tuftex and Ondura Roofing- the Polycarbonate panels I often use in tiny house and tree house builds-

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  1. It’s beautiful, but the poly carbonate wall would be extremely hot in the summer. What’s the plan for climate control in the summer/winter?

  2. Ok Deek, did I just see Saw Dust production in this fellow’s opening salvo? That was my grandfather’s only answer if you asked what was going on down at his shop, with an occasional bit of metal shaving, sparks flying or paint dripping. There was a little room in the back for herb drying as well, of course.

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