This Beautiful Craftsman Tiny House Offers Financial Freedom

Laurel & Brandon built a gorgeous Tiny Home so that they could afford to pursue their dream careers.

EDITOR: Marcia Trader



ADDITIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Laurel & Brandon (homeowners)


  1. If I’m ever able to realize my dream of tiny house ownership, I definitely want the pantry drawer space built into the stairs. I also seen a vertical pull out pantry which is another great idea for kitchen storage.

    • debbieomi – See the Fy Nyth channel for another tiny home based on the same Tumbleweed plan but with the kitchen expanded. Ariel has lived in her tiny home for nearly six years in the mountains of Wyoming.

  2. What a dream to be able to live small and have jobs that allow you to be at home and not having the stress of driving to work every day enduring a job you dislike! Beautiful little home!

  3. I love that she’s doing what she’s done “forever” (& getting paid for it) and he’s found a calling building tiny homes for others!

  4. The tiny house owner’s credo, “I’ve always been close with my parents, they own xx acres”. I love the idea but there’s a reason people are saving so much money, they aren’t paying for land.

    • Crosswalk – From what I have viewed and read, the rent in a commercial park is $300 to $600 per month. The rent in Seattle averages more than $2,167 per month; for a one-bedroom apartment the average is $1,344 with 250-450 square feet. This means the couple would still have lower expenses in a tiny home in a park than trying to rent a normal apartment. Plus, the couple customized their tiny home to meet their needs and can make changes of any kind. Why the sour grapes because families are able — and want — to help other family members?

  5. Lovely home although the couch looks uncomfortable to me. Living room area a little too small for me but looks like they have larger desk area instead (which is a lovely area).

    Love the irony of wanting to be close to nature and environmentally friendly, and then showcasing the air conditioning unit.

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