This Big Modern Tiny House is Pure Luxury – Full Tour in 4K

Phil from Minimaliste Tiny Houses gave us the keys to the Sakura for an afternoon and we fell head over heels in love with this open concept mini mansion.

We’re excited to share a full tour with you so you can see the floor plan, interior design, and space- solutions Phil and his team came up with.

The extra width (10 feet wide vs standard 8.5 feet) and the full-height bedroom over the gooseneck make this on wheels feel like it could be a real long-term housing solution for a lot of people. Not just an in-between housing option that you might out of, which is what we hear from a lot of people who are interested in tiny house living.

The layout felt very functional, with plenty of storage, privacy, and comfort. From the comfy sectional couch with storage under each cushion to the spacious galley kitchen, from the washing machine to the full bathtub. There isn’t much this tiny house isn’t missing.

There are lots of space- ideas in this house, the best of which is probably the coffee table that converts into a full-sized dining room table. And the couch benches can easily be reconfigured to be a dining room.

This tiny house is designed to be on the grid, and hooked up to hydro and water. It does have a Nature’s Head composting toilet which is pretty neat.

The source is in-floor radiant heating, and they’ve also installed two Lunos heat recovery ventilation vents to ensure there’s always fresh air coming into the house, and to help control humidity levels.

The tiny home also has a reading loft, which is also the spot where you can access the to the rooftop deck for stunning views.

To check out more of Minimaliste’s awesome tiny house projects, check out their website and follow them on Instagram! Links below:

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  1. Could you see yourself living in this tiny house? What do you like about it and what would you change to accommodate your lifestyle?

    • I’d go for a shower instead of bathtub and move the washer in the bathroom next to the shower and have a proper dishwasher in the kitchen. If its an on grid house thats what I would like to have.
      Apart from that it’s really nice.

    • I could. I’d make some stylistic changes. I definitely prefer a more craftsman and handmade style when it comes to homes . I totally get that this tiny house is made to be manufactured, but it feels a bit too “Ikea” for me. I’d probably do an on-demand water heater and be a bit more off grid if possible. It’s also quite a beast. I’d need a large truck to pull this around, but I’d be ok to trade off the portability for more functional living space. Everything else is fantastic. Plenty of storage. Plenty of head room. Pretty efficient with the space. Also, that reading nook is bomb.

  2. I saw this before when the builder showed it . I liked it them but for a couple of changes . IF I were to be connected to a grid I would want a flushing toilet OR a toilet that burns the waste .
    I might also at least have a couple of solar panels rigged to the water heater and a small wind turbine . Also maybe a ceiling fan and a way to move cool air better into the bed room .

  3. I get that tiny houses are a thing right now but they do make travel trailers which don’t have a “home” feel to it like these but would probably cost less. This a triple axel 5th wheel which probably ran well over 85k+ easyyyyy

  4. School busses are more my thing like I want to feel like I’m in my room at home, not a big house. Like its my chill den and so is the bus.

  5. Great house but they cheaped out on the railing for rooftop deck. It is FUGLY and goes against the modern aesthetic inside. Many better choices out there for railing.

  6. yea this is impractical who are your neighbors the rich and wealthy that door must make you feel so safe doesnt it for a tiny home specially now aday

  7. Love it! It’s awesome! Great bedroom, lot’s of storage, great views, oh washing machine and the bathtub is a must for me. And the rooftop deck like I said awesome!

  8. Now these folks new what they wanted in a home! They can have all kinds of coitus in that bedroom without busting their head on the ceiling! And the kids are on the other end of the house if they ever have kids.

  9. typical amrican to take the tiny house concept and then make it as big as possible again. Totally missing the point of a tiy house

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