This Could Be the Perfect Size for a Tiny House! Full Tour & Interview

What do you think of this 480 square foot house? Full tour and interview with Maxime, who built and lives in the house with his girlfriend.

We asked Maxime why he chose to a house this size, how he found a legal place to put it, and what it’s like now that he’s lived in the house for over a year.

We love that Maxime’s house has low energy needs because it’s a small with a passive solar design, extra insulation, glazed windows, and in-floor radiant heating.

He has a for fresh water, a system for waste water, and he’s hooked up to a municipal power . He says that with his design and low energy needs, it wasn’t necessary to invest in solar, although that’s not always the case with every home.

We love tiny homes wheels, but we also love that this one is just a bit bigger and by being a foundation, helps eliminate some of the issues with tiny houses trailers, notably, the plumbing issue. Drain pipes and water intakes are less likely to freeze in our cold Canadian winters.

This house seems like a very , long-term housing solution for single people or couples who don’t need tons of extra space.

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  1. Thanks for the great comments everybody! I’ll try to answer most questions:

    Cost: About 100 000$ with the land, well, septic tank etc, I could have done it for cheaper but I chose some materials that could be considered luxury or things like heated floors, more insulation. For me that price was not an issue and I wanted something really comfortable!

    Plans: I did a video:
    (explanations in french but you’ll get it!) that shows pretty much what I wanted to do. I did some minor changes to the final plan but you can recreate it with Google Sketchup. Just practice a couple of hours and you’ll be able to create your own vision. I brought my plan to a technician and it cost me 400$ so your plans shouldn’t be expensive…

    If we have children: I’m juste gonna sell the house and build something bigger but still with the same vision of aesthetics and functionnality. I think a house like that is easy to sell and is great for a young or old couple 🙂

  2. My studio apartment is the same size. I would like an extra 150 square feet for the extra comfort area. 650 sq ft is a good size too.


  4. 480 square feet is about the size of a typical condo apartment in many cities. For the money, I’ll take this house over an apartment any day!

  5. Definitely love the idea of a house this size. I’ve always been fascinated by people who can make it work in 200-sq.-ft houses, but I consider them fringe (with all respect). I’d much rather have a small house, ideally 400-600 sq.-ft, so that I don’t have to shed all my belongings or “murphy bed” my dining table. This design wouldn’t be my ideal (lovely nonetheless), but it’s so very cool that this movement allows all of us to finally have homes that fit us instead of adapting ourselves to someone else’s vision.

  6. Very impressive vision, design, planning, and execution. I like this much better than a wheeled tiny home. I would love to see more houses in the 450-to-1,000 sf range featured.

  7. i love it. It is the perfect size because I do not want an upstairs loft for sleeping. I like to be connected to the ground.

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