This Couple Designed A Brilliant Tiny Home For Their Family

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In this weeks episode, we meet a family who are mastering the art of tiny living. Originally Brad and Ruby were planning on moving into the tiny house with just their 9 year old son, however plans quickly changed when they discovered they were pregnant with another child!

Their home was constructed as a shell, and the interior was done as a DIY project by the couple who had previously only had very building experience. Brad’s experience as a designer is evident with the clever utilisation of the and the way that the tiny has been set up and designed for family living.

We hope you enjoy the tour of this wonderful home and charming family!

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Editing: Rasa Pescud, Archmage Cappuccino

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  1. sitting 50 cm away from a wide screen 60 inch tv must be really interesting when all you are looking at is the channel ident in the corner of the screen XD

  2. The kitchen’s beautiful and the art/crawlway support wall is too.

    I guess they will have to work things out in some years but they have time and obviously are a can-do family.

  3. The TV could go above the front entrance, on a bracket that makes it come down when needed! Looks painful to be watching it from the side and so close!

  4. Having to crawl in your own home seems demeaning to me. Like, we’ve devolved as a society somehow… And I can’t imagine that kid is going to be happy having to go through his parents room and crawl across the house, just to get to his own small room, well into his teens. At least give him his own ladder or something.

  5. No honest downside? This home is ridiculously over priced and living tiny is not meant for families of 4 w/large dogs. Arthritis much? It defeats the purpose!! For same price I have 1500sq ft and a pool! Not like you two are moving lol, your on your mama’s land. This particular tiny home I detest. Just being honest.

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