This Couple’s Natural Eco Tiny House Is a True Stunner!

This inspiring Canadian couple have constructed a truly beautiful, on wheels to escape rent prices and get into their own home.

Tofino, like many other places British Columbia, Canada has seen prices skyrocket in recent years. This couple found building a tiny to be an ideal way of getting into own their own small eco home. To that end, they have constructed a very beautiful tiny house from all where they now live while saving up for land to the on in future.

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  1. Thanks so much to Bryce and Rasa for this well presented video of our last years efforts. We really enjoyed meeting you and having you stay over in Tofino. I’m sure we’ll be meeting again soon and look forward to more. Thanks for all you do to educate and inspire others to move towards a smaller footprint and to follow their dreams. Much love. Alan and Venita.

  2. I would love to see more in Canada. 🙂 Love this show. It is very inspiring. Love the host as well, very well spoken and charming.

  3. Hey! Bryce Im Loving your job,you get to visit so many different lovely stunning tiny houses, got me hooked in tiny houses day ill have mine

  4. “I ABSOLUTELY love what you’ve done… …features are SO striking” your heavy over-usage of these emphasized words is very tiring. I used to ABSOLUTELY love your videos but everything feels SO forced and the added emphasized words at every section of your walk through is SUCH a predictable and unnatural addition to what could be VERY real, comfortable and informative video.

  5. at 2:55 that’s a statue of Lord Ganesha, God of Good beginnings, remover of all obstacles and according to Indian calendar today is his birthday. What a good timing. Thank you guys for this inspiring content. Cheers from India.

  6. Bryce, I really enjoy your style of videos. Very low key and yet very positive. I’m glad I found this channel a couple of years ago.

  7. I do love space, but the versatility of this whole design makes me wanna reconsider and also own something like this. This is well done, perfectly well thought and delivered on a royal pedestal!! Amazing

  8. Can you guys do a tour of highcarb hannas house her and her husband have channel where you can watch how they built it and see everything they are doing to the land. Their house is pretty nice I think it would make a good episode!

  9. Yes my sister in law purchased a home in Nanaimo BC 38 yrs ago for 246,000, same home sold for 790,000 5yrs ago. She is happily living back in Ontario and has retired @57. All because of the sale of her home. Great investment for her at that time. Unfortunately we will not see another market like the late 60,s early 70’s

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