This French Tiny House is a Multifunctional Marvel!

This week we travel to France to visit a stunning built using natural, . It's absolutely packed of storage and clever and all for an of just US$20,000! This house has everything!

For me, this is another great example of a that cuts to the very core of the tiny house movement. It's grass-roots, do-it-yourself driven with a focus around affordable construction and great use of space. I the way that Geoffrey describes building his home as setting out to construct a sanctuary for himself, because that's exactly what our homes be. A sanctuary.

Geoffrey has written an e-book (French Language) all about his experience building a in France. Purchasing this book helps to out channel.

We hope you enjoy the tour of this wonderful tiny home!
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Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langston

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  1. We hope you enjoy this video tour! This tiny house is packed full of great ideas! Geoffrey has written an e-book (French Language) all about his experience building a tiny home in France. You can find a link to his e-book here: – This is an affiliate link and we receive a small commission for every sale. Purchasing this book helps to support out channel. With Love, Bryce & Rasa

  2. Well done to him ! So inspiring ! I’m french and he is right, it really not easy to build that kind of house in France. I hope that will change 🫶

  3. The trapdoor in the floor for the veg (and the cat!) – genius
    The table/storage/desk arrangement in the living area – beyond genius.
    The water tap in the bedroom…. Blimey! I could do with one of those when my glass is empty & I can’t be bothered to get up & go to the kitchen. Geoffrey truly makes every inch matter!!
    And engraving all the names of those who helped with the project on the cladding… A big ahhhh….

  4. This perfect space is like a jigsaw puzzle of comfort and sustainability and engineering. In the simplest form. It’s unique to the person but adaptable for others. A little too spartan for me but I could easily make it my own. Just wonderful 💕

  5. 5:02 I can’t describe how weird is to see the map of the Argentinian province (Tierra del Fuego) I live in on a bathroom of a tinyhouse in France hahaha

  6. I love that he is content with so little, including such a tiny home. It’s so interesting to see how different people live their lives so happily. Thank you for sharing with us!

  7. This is such an intelligently designed tiny home! It has a lot of things that I haven’t seen in other tiny homes. I love his focus of life, utilizing his home to achieve his happiness. I love the fact that he included the names of all of the people who helped him build the home. He seems like a great guy!

  8. Geoffrey you have created a beautiful place I love it and I love your values. Please translate your book to English and I will buy it. Love to you ❤

  9. Bravo Geoffrey, toutes ces trappes sont très ingénieuses, l’équipement modulable, les petits espaces pour les petits éléments si importants finalement, l’ouverture des fenêtres, l’espace très cosy de la chambre avec son ouverture sur le ciel, le prolongement du salon vers l’extérieur, la salle d’eau efficace et simple, le poids respecté (compte tenu de la législation française terriblement limitée pour les habitats de ce genre), avez vous pensé à la possibilité de devenir “off grid” ? est ce envisageable en l’état ? je vais me procurer votre livre car j’adhère totalement à vos idées. Merci et félicitations pour la prise de conscience, le travail et le partage !

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