This Gorgeous SCHOOL BUS HOME has taken them on a Wild Ride

tour! Lexi & Tyler’s beautiful has taken them around the country and changed their lives forever.



Tyler & Lexi (homeowners)


  1. Seriously – why would anyone want a stationary house when you can have one on wheels and take it where you want it! Don’t answer that 🙂

  2. will you tell Lexi and Tyler that when they park if they will talke the cat box and set it right outside the bus door their cat will be able to smell it’s own litter box and know where the bus is parked if she gets separated. cats can smell their litter box over a mile, I’m not sure memory wise but i believe the range is 5 miles. so kitty won’t get lost while traveling….I don’t do instant gram. thanks for all your videos…how is your reno on the real tiny camper?

  3. This couple did a real good job on converting the bus we like the way they have laid it out thanks Jenna sharing

  4. What do they do for insulation? All the glass is lovely, but does it get freezing/hot when seasons peak?

  5. Wow what an amazing conversion – it’s always so nice to see all the ways that people chose to have their tiny house

  6. Really Gorgeous Remodel!!! Love the Colors!! And it’s kitty approved ♥️….
    You guys are spot on! Too much stress Can and Does kill people..
    If it doesn’t kill a person it Definitely makes them sick…
    So this lifestyle is best,honestly!
    Thank you for sharing your Home!!!

  7. Do you have any kind of magnetic screen to go over the open side door next to your bed to keep bugs outside?

  8. I think the bus is very attractive and glad it works for them. Maybe bcuz I’m older and they are 20 somethings. But I couldn’t handle not having a private shower unless I went to truck stops and had to pay for them. Also, no A/C, limited water, uncomfortable driving seat, tiny fridge, no kitchen cabinets or even shelves for storage, no place to wash clothes, toilet not hooked up to gray water, YUK! I couldn’t do it! Esp. the private shower when I wanted and no A/C unless hooked up to grid. The whole idea of a skoolie would be to be free to go wherever, whenever and remain off grid! Some solar panels on the roof, a mini-split A/C, W/D, and a few shelves, cabinets and I would be there in a second! The bus is big enough to have a great bath, room for water tanks under bus, all very simple fixable things. Since they’re saving so much on rent, should be quite doable. Like I said, if it works 4 them great. I’m too old to compromise on basic necessities of daily living. Lol Looked like a cute couple who were having a great experience. Good 4 them! : )

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