This Incredible Tiny Home Could be The Most AFFORDABLE Housing in North America

This Incredible Could be most affordable housing in North America. It’s getting very hard to find a new home that checks the affordability box but it’s a market so companies are trying to find new ways to keep housing affordable. A company called Incredible Tiny Homes out of Newport is implementing multiple different strategies in their business to bring down prices and build affordable options that I think are brilliant. They’ve come up with a production tiny home called Incred-I-Box that leaves elements to be finished by the buyer so they can add sweat equity on their new home and save on up front costs. I look at this as a hybrid of buying new and DIY for people who have some skills but not every skill required to build an entire home, a group that I think is likely quite big.

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  1. Thanks for featuring the Incred-i-box on your channel. I have purchased one and I can’t wait to get mine and put my finishing touches on it!

  2. The thing is with tiny homes, you always need a car since they only allow them outside of big cities with barely any public transportation. I would like to see that the municipalities allow lots to park tiny homes within a city but seems there are so many rules stopping people. If I had a lot of money, I would buy an empty lot in a city and allow a few people to park there plus have my own.

  3. Nice job of reviewing ITH. Im so blown away by what Randy & his crew are providing for those who need affordable housing and living.

  4. Thank you Kerry for showing ITH and Randy and Amanda! Wow what a a testament to them and their mission with all the positive things people have to say about them! I’ve watched your reviews on a lot of the different pre fab/tiny homes and IMO, don’t think I’ve seen this many supportive comments on any of the others before! That’s what people need, to see authentic ppl supporting each other! As or land interest, there’s a YouTube channel I keep an eye on called Landmado, they find land and present it on there! I am not a spokesman nor have I bought any land from them yet, just sharing a spot to look, be the judge for yourself! Thanks Kerry, with your platform and these channels on land purchases, ppl might be able to retire quite nicely! Much ❤

  5. I’ve been watching them for about a year. Their videos are really funny, especially the dialog between Randy and Amanda! Their new Amish built products are really cool.

  6. Love this idea because it is so affordable and tasteful and the $20k home has everything you could need. Thanks for showing us this home.

  7. 20,000 is still wayyy too expensive for something that small. And 59,000 for something twice it’s size is even worse. Cool it’s “affordable”, but it’s still part of an already overbloated market. Like why would I spend 20,000 on a glorified closet when for four times the price, I can get something ten times the size? Sounds like a better deal. Unfortunately the latter is beyond my price range, but it makes the closet seem like a bit of a rip off. Especially since he skimped out on a lot of the details.

    Assembly-line tiny homes is a great idea, and I’m not opposed to tiny homes at all. But they’re definitely not worth more than 40,000 at most. Assembly lines should be made to bring that price down so 100-something sqft seems like an actual good option for a lot of young people who don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for rent in somewhere of equivocal size. Nows the time for tiny home manufacturers to really exploit a fresh young market of buyers who would like the stability of a home, but adjusted to the conditions of a low-wage society. Shit would really sell.

    • Price of goods and especially wood he inflated the building costs of tiny homes a great deal. The smart part is this is recycled metal. Reducing costs beyond exponentially. Gotta figure they have overhead, staff to pay well, other fees. These are likely less than half the cost to produce and get material for. But they have to Profit,. I mean, technically someone can make one for under 10 grand. Just not everyone Can do it.

  8. I’m more of a 399 sf or bigger tiny home type guy, but I can definitely see the appeal to this home, especially in the mountains of east Tennessee. It’s a really affordable way to add Airbnbs to your property in a very scenic area of the country. 👍

  9. 1 fact not mentioned. 1 person that bought one of the first 100 incred a box. Has a chance to win a free one. By decorating their home.

  10. Love watching the incredible tiny home updates, they have a heavy social media presence without being too over produced/polished but they do a good job showing that they can walk the walk and I think people looking to purchase a tiny home want to be able to see what the company has done before.

    Not to mention they are extremely affordable compared to other companies

  11. Sounds great but I emailed the company. They want all the money up front and they do not allow you to see the unit ahead of time.

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