This luxury tiny house community is surprisingly affordable! (Arizona)

The owner of LuxTiny Tiny House Community takes us on a tour of his Tiny House village, LuxTiny, and explains he thinks it’s important to provide for working families in Lakeside, Arizona (a wealthy neighborhood). The homes in his village are surprisingly large & luxurious with spacious lots for a reasonable price.



Jenna Kausal

Mark Dexter

Marcia Trader



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0:00 Intro
1:03 Meet Steve – owner/creator of Luxtiny
1:18 Providing
1:49 Development and community opinions
2:46 The first structure at Luxtiny
3:08 What it’s like to live here
3:57 He builds the homes too!
4:24 Tiny House Tour #1
503 A detached guest house
5:37 Community Tour
7:29 Tiny House Tour #2
8:07 Tiny House Tour #3
9:03 A sneak peek at a resident’s Tiny Home (Tour coming soon)!
9:14 Phase three of LuxTiny
9:29 What LuxTiny means
10:14 Outro


  1. You do such an amazing job with this channel! I have offered harsh criticism from time to time regarding my differing environmental views, but you still create great content that keeps me thinking and interested in the tiny house concept. If you guys can convert even your “haters” (like me), then you know you are doing an A++ job.

  2. I love his attitude and his concept of community + affordability….well done!! I know that these folks are truly happy to be living the simple, good life.

  3. I think this is dangerous. All these people will loose their minds in these small houses and they are so close
    To each other. They are all in a honey moon state because of the trend but wait 10-15 years. It’s similar to ussr community leaving.

  4. I really like this. Every state needs more Tiny home places like this.
    In my community you are not allowed to have a vegetable garden. We have lots of rules.

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  6. It would be nice also if they mad affordable homes for the poor and homeless once again they are left by the roadside, There are many war veterans on the streets is the way to treat the people who fight to keep your country safe, unfortunately it is the same here in Britain. I will keep nagging and fighting for tiny homes here they are considered illegal in this country as is living in a bus or van. sad face.

    • A “tiny home community” for the homeless here in Los Angeles consists of 8X8 foot metal dog shacks where two strangers are housed together! It costs $100,000.00 per resident per year to operate.

  7. People in wheelchairs are not welcome there. Not ADA Compliance. We are working on an ADA compliance tiny home community.

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