This Modern Tiny House Is Perfect For Us // tiny house tour


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    • @Joyce Forney it’s also do to water and electric companies laying into politicians that are on their payroll. They’re mad that people are making homes completely green and off the grid with rainwater collection, solar and composting toilets. I’m completely for it. Being carbon neutral and if at all possible with moss instead of grass then carbon negative…..js.

    • You’d get an extra LIKE for the bloopers if I could.

      Cute girls being nerdy & funny, is always appreciated 🙂

    • There already not allowing yurts in certain states counties. Why do we the people allow them to create such rules.

  1. You might want to look at a lot more tiny houses on wheels before you decide on that one. Otherwise, when you do find one that’s made well, you won’t feel like you took it in the A**, and that move you made in fron’t of the fridge, was in the right place because that loft was so small, I doubt you’d be able to get very busy or versatile in it. A flushing toilet, OMG, it’s a sin against the tiny house movement. What the hell were they thinking. Do more research.

  2. Looks nice, but I would prefer a container house. Maybe two or three put together would give alot of space. Especially with an extra covered deck.

  3. 😆😂🤣 Love the bloopers. If you guys go to El Salvador again check out the Mayan Ruins. I definitely know you would like La Tortuga Verde in El Cuco, Cadejo Brewing Co. in La Libertad (close to El Tunco), Mar y Sol en Las Tunas, Aventuras de Perquin (you need an off road vehicle). Enjoy my beautiful country. Much love to y’all.

  4. Question, shouldn’t you guys have the propane separate from any spark risk? You guys are really nice folks. Just a genuine concerns for your wellness.

  5. This is definitely not for “old people”. But I love the concept. There is now way I could deal with climbing up to bed. 👨‍🦳

  6. Loke that place! Kaylee are you and Jordan planning designing and buildling a tiny home yourselves or do you think you will have someone design and build it for you? Another great video.

  7. Take away the wonderful greenery exterior and put ten or hundreds one next to another and i doubt is still as nice…

  8. Kaylee, you would benefit greatly from a voice and diction class. Listening to you speak is like nails on a chalkboard. Your bf has a super weird speech pattern as well.

  9. What an awesome house thanks for sharing that with me. Keep up the good work stay safe have a great day will see you on the next one

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