This Pallet Wood Tiny House EXPANDS!

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen, while a speaker at the NJ Tiny House Festival 2017 check out a DIY tiny house on wheels that is built on the repurposed slide-out frame of a camper. This particular tiny home not only employs the budget tactic of utilizing a TON of free pallet wood and flooring leftovers, but it also has a bedroom (on the gooseneck of the trailer) with full standing room! While this tiny house’s kitchen is rather small, the living room space is wide open and makes this self-designed home feel a heck of a lot larger- thanks to the camper slide out of course, which owner, Sean, talks about.


  1. Like the layout but what about the preservative anti fungal anti mold insecticide chemicals in the wood and off gassing????

  2. Beautiful refinish on the floor. I can imagine what a wall would look like similarly treated. I also wonder how a double slider would work as far as balance goes.

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