This Single Level Tiny House Is Perfect For Disabled & Retirement Aged People

Brad did another tour of an Airbnb in Seward. This one is an adorable 1 bedroom right downtown. It’s designed with a downstairs bedroom and no lofts, which makes it accessible to anyone and has an open and airy design with lots of windows.
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    • @The Average Sportage got ya well thats awesome! Who doesn’t like extra stuff thanks for letting me know!! Cheers!

    • @Tiny Home Tours pst… would you mind linking me to them. I love tiny houses and I loved yours. My day job is webmistress but I’m thinking its time for a change. Just odd how this video put it all straight for me. Yes my next step is tiny house and music….

  1. Love thus tiny home for vacationing. Thus works very well and could easily fit a sofa bed and more storage. I prefer this over a loft.

  2. Virtually almost no storage, no hoven, fridge too small (it is Alaska you can have heavy snow storms and not be able to go out and shop groceries) stove too small, no counter space for people that actually cook. Where do you put your winter jackets, your snow shoes, and other winter bulky gear?

  3. One level does help my disability however I don’t drink alcohol because of the effects mixed with my prescriptions so the location near bars would probably just annoy me that there are loud drunk people making noise.

  4. I would like to know what state you are in I’m going to retire in two years and I would like to get a tiny home it’s just me thank you

  5. The open bedroom, is not a good idea for a couple ,if they sleep different hours ,if your awake while your spouse is asleep, there’s no wall their to keep the sound down, other than that ,its a perfect setup ,to live in longterm

  6. Perfect! This will be the norm for many retired people in the next 20 years. Housing is just out of control. Living like this if single will give you true freedom and better year early retirement!!!

  7. I am disabled. Your home has several problems that I run into every day. You should ask a disabled person to walk through the house and they will point out the problems such as the shelves in kitchen are to high.

  8. I enjoy watching this video. Amazing house. That tiles in the shower is so beautiful with unique small round window. Yess, l like a house with varanda. Sitting there while watching rain falls…..a peaceful feeling.

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