This Super Compact Tiny House is Australia’s First Tiny Home On Wheels

It’s never easy being the first to do something, especially when that something is building a tiny on wheels! In this weeks episode we travel to Yerrinbool in New South Wales, Australia to visit the first tiny ever to be built in Australia.

The basic of this tiny was based on a Tumbleweed XS from the USA, but was given a uniquely Australian flavour and constructed from super light-weight materials that would make it legal to travel on Aussie roads.

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After a time spent traveling, this tiny has found it’s place in Australian tiny house history and now sit’s on a farm for rent as a B&B:

Additional produced by UTS students and used with permission.

Big in a Tiny House’ © 2017 Zyia Pictures Ltd


  1. I love it when I find others who have built as small as I am building. There are so many tiny houses that are over 20′, so it’s awesome when I find a project I can relate to my own (12′ x 7′). Keep up the awesome videos Bryce!

  2. Not bad for a tiny house it still looks livable inside, but for two I’m not sure and depending on the size of the two people maybe for ultra skinny people.

  3. Don’t know if they did, but i wud have built storage space under the bench and gotten rid of those shelves behind the bathroom, so my tpilet and shower wudn’t have to be in the same stall.

  4. You can’t tow two tonnes with a sedan or a commodore legally. You can do it but it’s illegal in Australia and insurance won’t cover you or the vehicle towing the over weight trailer

  5. Hi Bryce, great to see you back in the Southern hemisphere. I reckon Fred Schultz in Castlemaine (Victoria) may qualify for one of the first builders of a tiny home in Australia; still good to see a pioneer.

  6. There’s no way that amount of roof area could catch enough water to live on.

    Anyway, is there any progression in Australia in regards to living in one of these on your own land legally?

  7. If they don’t mind losing seating space, adding a long counter over the bench seating might work wonderfully. For space saving the top of the bench, under the cushion could be raised to counter height as one piece, or in sections. Just an idea.

  8. Smart layout for a true THOW. I would need a hot shower though. Otherwise very nice! You pick some good ones Bryce! *looks up hammocks*

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