This Tiny House Is Actually A Submarine!

In this weeks episode we visit an incredible which has been constructed out of an old grain silo and transformed into a whimsical themed dwelling. For those who love ultra creative projects, this is a must see video!

The yellow submarine has almost entirely been constructed using up-cycled materials. From old spa baths, to radar domes, you’ll be amazed at how all these old parts have been combined to create a remarkable small .

For Keith And Jen, this project was all about putting their creativity to the test, having fun, and creating a experience that would be entertaining for visitors.

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Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langston
Camera: Rasa Pescud & Bryce Langston
Editing: Rasa Pescud

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  1. I really love this brilliant example of extreme up-cycling! 💓 It’s absolutely amazing what some people are able to accomplish using items that so many would just consider to be junk. There’s an incredible amount of creativity which has gone into building this place! I hope you all enjoy this episode. With love, Bryce & Rasa

  2. I thought I saw some fishes painted on the wall but then I wasn’t sure? That would be a nice add-on. 🙂 I loved the tour and feeling like a kid again.

  3. What a brilliant idea to take pieces from all over the world & create a beautiful piece of functional art. Absolutely brilliant!

  4. I just watched this on my tv you tube and went straight onto my iPad to comment, because I was just amazed at this tiny build, it’s fantastic. At first I thought it was an actual old discarded submarine and was shocked at all the different spare parts added to create the look, what imagination. I’m just sad it’s on the other side of the world as I live in England. I would definitely stay in the sub, I’m a 51yr old women but love all things nautical so does my husband. I also like the colonial cottage it would be great for my parents. Thanks Bryce for another great video.

  5. These tiny houses thing are quite popular i think everywhere, my friends and neighbours here in the Philippines are talking for this for sometimes. Love this channel, it gives idea, inspirations, fun and hopes to people.

    By the way, this is the latest video and i noticed that Bryce and his interviewee are not using face mask so i believe it is already safe there in NZ..??

  6. We stayed here on New Year’s Eve, and kept it a secret from the kids till we arrived, it was amazing! Every single detail has been thought of. My kids discovered the game battleships in the sub and have been playing it ever since. I remember when I asked Keith how he built it, he told me it was actually an old Russian submarine that sunk in the North Sea and was bought back up then shipped out to NZ, he seemed very disappointed that I didn’t believe him, what a wild and necessary imagination to create such a beautiful thing! It’s buckets of fun, please do go stay there!

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