This Tiny House Is Exceptionally Well Designed

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Curtis and Victoria a diy tiny house. Check out this tiny home of their incredible tiny homes. Their home even includes a 3d printer.

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  1. This is a lovely home. This couple have a done a great job. I for one couldn’t crawl around a loft space either, so great idea to have a downstairs bed. This house is perfect for them and I hope they enjoy it for many many more years ahead.

  2. HOW is everyone living in a tiny house a GRAPHIC DESIGNER? Who NEEDS all of those GRAPHICS? Other than that: great home, great bunnies, great people, great haircut. Loved it.

    • Everyone is on their phones and devices all the time…. everything you look at on your screen, every ad, every site…. everything needs a designer ☺️

    • There are a lot of alternative living people but most of them are alternative by heart and care less about showing off their tiny house. I feel as a graphic designer you are a creative person yet still very much working in and for society

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  3. 🖐️😳I don’t get it! You paid $45,000 or more to build your own tiny house house?! And put in your own sweat equity?! Starting with a trailer to sit a empty shell on it and you to put it together from beginning to end including insulation putting together electrical wiring with a heating system?! That’s crazy! absolutely illogical. 👋😒 I would rather had put that money down on buying a town house and not spend the rest of my living time walking and living in a hallway! For that kind of money I would have ordered a tiny house that’s made with no more than 15,000 added to have it made the way I want it! The only thing that I should be concerned with is where I’m going to put it permanently or for a long period of time in a weather friendly place that has very very few floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and dry dirt deserts!

  4. Love that there wasn’t a loft bed. I usually like tinies but would hate to have to crawl into bed and keep banging my head. Lovely design, super!

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