This Tiny House Layout is SMART! Ironwood Grove Tiny House Hotel Tour!

Today we are touring the LAST tiny houses here at Ironwood Grove! Over the past 5 videos, we have toured all 6 tiny houses here. They are each different in their own ways and I love all of them. If you want the right in Nashville, then this is it! These bonus videos are my gift to all of you. Merry Christmas!
We still have 1 more tour for the year coming our before Christmas then the best of Airbnbs 2021 and that will be it for the year!

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Thanks so much for watching and the support!
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  1. I think this is a smart layout because this tiny house has all of its “rooms” separated but still has a lot of space inside. its unique and fun! Which tiny house has been your favorite here? only one more tour for the year!! and its a good one so I will see you in the next video 🙂

  2. I love this one! As to a favourite, I’m not sure, I’d like to a combine a bit of each to create my own finished version 😊

  3. I usually like a lot of the homes you & Savannah show us, but these hotel tiny houses seem cold and too industrial. Sorry, Levi. My husband and I love your videos though. Keep up the good work and goofiness.

  4. I like this one the best and the first one you did “i” i think it was the second best. beautiful bathrooms and unique designs.

  5. I’m not keen on this one. The change in levels and the hallway use up some of the square footage. Raw concrete is just not attractive and may require maintenance. Open shelving is trendy but not always practical. The bedding would be hard to change, and if the bed is used by two people there is no access to the far side. The underfloor storage is not accessible from the bedroom. This one is an example of stylish fads rather than function.

  6. Only one until the year ends????😱
    You’re totally right, the idea of ‘seperating’ the rooms is interesting, I personal love the ‘one room concept’ of tiny homes, but in this one they’re still open enough to feel connected.👍I like the design, the big windows, all the skylights, the great bathroom and the two entrances.😁
    My favorite tiny home of Ironwood Grove is the one before. The fifth (?), the one with the big kitchen.😁
    But in the end all of them are pretty cool, well designed and beautiful. Would love to visit them.❤

    See you in the next video!😘

  7. I’m glad I found your channel via your A FRAME video. This is a beautiful community. I hope more of these are built around the country. The court yard is gorgeous just in itself! I haven’t seen the other videos yet. I can already tell some serious talent created a really cool community here. WELL DONE!

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