This TINY HOUSE once went to the WHITE HOUSE- and its FOR SALE!

Built by 15 year old (at the time) Sicily Kolbeck (later resulting in her being asked to do a TED talk!) this 128 square foot is now FOR SALE! This house later received an invite to be brought to the White House- where it was shown off by Sicily herself.

Interested in buying the tiny house?


  1. happy holidays deek to u and crew ………………………..tell your family u love them , i say this cos i lost my mom 8/30 i got to say bye to her i miss her every day so yall tell `em before god or sum evil takes `em happy holidays every one im gonna go n cry now bye ….

  2. Kitchen seems to have missed nice opportunities for storage with the two big blank walls there, need cabinets or at least shelving on both.

  3. Why have a little porch when the house is already sooo tiny??? I never understand that. It’s a waste of precious space.

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